Forget the shark…

International flooring and interiors specialist Gerflor have predicted a ‘sea change’ and have developed a stunning new range of LVT products.

Beauty as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Making bold design statements can either work stunningly well, or backfire badly like a Damien Hirst shark suspended in formaldehyde. That said, there’s not really many design or architectural faux pas that affect the wonderful world of LVT. In most cases the designs now available deliver an eye-catching, on-trend selection of quality colours and textures that add both value and beauty to virtually any environment.

There’s no doubt that 2016 has seen a Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank (LVT) resurgence leading to a much higher demand for this most ubiquitous of flooring products. For Gerflor it’s been a journey of discovery, passion and innovation leading to a zealous encounter with the creativity of old and new materials, matched only by a strong human contribution in “tuning” the aesthetics of wood, marble and stones through drawings, geometry, laser engraving, sandblasting and various inlays.

All vinyl seems to be trending this year and it now appears to be the ‘big dog on the block’. Original, well thought-out vinyl designs are on a march, becoming one of the most popular and sought-after floors on the market, and this is in large part due to the newest luxury vinyl designs. It’s a situation perfectly suited to Gerflor’s spectacular new Creation 55 range. Gerflor’s Creative Director Gino Venturelli commented,

“There’s a new renaissance abounding for LVT in decoration, allowing all the classic materials to sublimate the aesthetics thanks to the contribution of creativity. The combination of these factors creates a fantastic economic and creative future for LVT…and in particular our Creation 55 range of products”

Gerflor’s Creation Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) collection produces some stunningly attractive new colours, designs, effects and formats. The Creation range provides cutting-edge design-led, sustainable solutions for most contract and residential applications. Designed for medium traffic areas through to light commercial use is Gerflor’s LVT Creation 55 range. Creation 55 is a perfect match for moderate traffic areas in commercial
environments including offices, hospitalities, restaurants, reception areas, boutiques and also housing. It has a 0.55 mm wear layer and is now available in 61 designs with seven different sizes in tiles and planks. A myriad of outstanding colours choices are available across the range; including everything from Vintage Oak through to the evocative Spicy Grey Blue. It’s a design and colour palette aimed at delivering eye-catching
solutions that are ‘on trend’ and that can dovetail into any creative-led environment.

2016 has also seen Gerflor abound with a set of enhancing technologies to make the ‘on-site’ fitting much easier, as Creation 55 now also encapsulates all of Gerflor’s installation systems by embracing the Dry Back (glued), the Interlocking system (CLIC) and the looselay X’Press products. Gerflor has also made a smart step to reorganise the ranges, integrating common designs between Dry Back, CLIC System and X’Press, whilst adding brand new designs for the CLIC system in tiles and XL plank formats, together with adding increased X’Press solutions.

Their looselay CLIC System’s unique vertical interlocking format allows this product to be laid quickly over most existing surfaces, with no need to close premises during refurbishments saving customers time and money.

Perfect for the retail, hotel, hospitality, administration, leisure or domestic sectors; it’s an installer’s ‘dream ticket’ to a quicker finish on virtually most projects.

Office Space in Town are a serviced office company that offers businesses and individuals workspace solutions. They ensure the right location for companies and choose buildings in central districts of London and the provinces. 20 St Dunstan’s Hill in the City of London is one of their gleaming jewels in an already shiny crown. Ensuring the final look and the functionality of this recent office refit would be a challenge all-round. The appointed design firm SKS would be at the top of their game to deliver an interior that met all these challenges.

Sam Kopsch, owner at SKS commented,

“The challenge was the sheer scale of the building and as always coming up with a concept that was unique and at the same time marketable as a serviced office.”

Sam Kopsch goes on to add,

“Gerflor have great products, a large range to choose from, which is always a challenge to find when working on such large scales buildings and they are fixed at a conservative price point. I’m very pleased with the overall look and quality of the product.”

The Creation 55 range from Gerflor is 100 per cent recyclable, REACH compliant and treated with PUR+ surface treatment, providing excellent cleaning characteristics and improved resistance to scratching. This sophisticated range offers a brand new palette of realistic wood and mineral finishes in tile and plank formats with beveled edges.

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