Four reasons why 1BHK flats are a great investment

1BHK, which necessarily means one Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen are a very popular residential option in most parts of the world. In the last few decades, these housing options have boomed in popularity, and we want to know why!

Following, we will describe a few reasons why these flats are very popular among masses.

They are Affordable
A 1BHK is an affordable option for most people, often young adults. It’s an ideal starter home for the first-time buyer, especially if money is an issue. Less capital suggests that you will make a smaller down-payments and easy monthly installments.

Many countries around the world have included 1BHK flats under their budget housing regulations. Therefore they don’t incur high taxes. Moreover, many financial institutes offer low-interest plans for people looking to afford the smaller unit.

High Demand
It’s true that 1BHK apartments are not as popular as 2BHK. The demand for these smaller units is high in Metropolitan cities Aberdeen has high demands for these apartments. It is proved by the fact that 1BHK prices always remain high.

A lower demand ample the supply of such living units. This gives buyers room to buy these units at a much affordable price.

If you try, you can enjoy other perks like a club membership. It can also save you some money off GST. In case the unit was unsold or unused for more than a year, it will save a few bucks more. So, do your research before you finalise a deal. Speaking of which, if you are moving to Aberdeen, then you might want to see the one bed flats to rent in Aberdeen.

Low Maintenance
If you are living in 1BHK, it means you don’t have many people to take care off This subsequently lower your utility as well as maintenance costs. Moreover, there are many examples where the government offers tax relief to people living under 500 sqft.

Houses that are under 500-700 square feet get 60 per cent relief in property tax. The lower property tax, utility, and maintenance helps to save a lot of money.

1BHK Flats make an excellent investment. These flats are rental friendly. Yes, Youngsters prefer these units because they suffice their needs without ripping them off. In major cities where people from all walks come to make a leaving, these flats make an excellent choice for them as its affordable and just sees them through.

People who jump between jobs and transfer from city to city usually look for such options. As for bachelors, this is perhaps the one thing they could afford. Honestly speaking, living in a grand house isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

1BHK Flats are a low-cost solution which is easy to maintain. These apartments incur reasonable costs which help them to maintain their budget.

Final Words
If you are a bachelor looking for an affordable option, then you must consider these flats. These are a budget-friendly option for people who have started their professional life, are looking for a great investment opportunity.