French revolution…

As LVT goes through a major renaissance, French flooring manufacturer Gerflor has a jewel in the LVT crown at their Grillon factory in the stunning sun-bleached vista of Provence.

The Gerflor factory that produces their exquisite LVT Creation products is just a small disturbance on the landscape. It does in its own way, add a certain degree of charm to its immediate locale.After all, they’re not producing nuts and bolts, but luxury vinyl flooring that’s both innovative and leading the charge in terms of design.

For more than 70 years and in more than 100 countries, Gerflor is recognised as an expert and a world leader in its field thanks to technical, decorative and eco-responsible added-value solutions specific to each market application. It’s been a path of development and unsurpassed growth and a maxim that’s all-too abundant at the Grillon site. In short, the Creation range provides the cutting-edge, design-led, sustainable solution for most contract and residential uses.

With the LVT world full of new flair and an abounding renaissance in the air, French flooring and interiors specialists Gerflor look like they’re on the cusp of their own revolution in terms of bringing new and exciting LVT designs to the market…and all manufactured in the Provencal sunshine.