Freshwest and B3 Designers deliver innovative riverside office in Wales

Freshwest was asked by the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards to design a satellite working studio immediately overlooking the Teifi River in West Wales.

Tucked down a little lane in the heart of Newcastle Emlyn, Ceredigion, immediately overlooking the river, is the site of the new ‘Rivershed’.

The studio replaced an existing shed with a more lightweight, organic structure of timber and corrugated iron sheet.

The building’s design is inspired from the contrasts and patchwork between the hard and robust corrugated agricultural buildings of the area and the soft tonalities of agriculture, nature and water.

The building aims to challenge the conventions of alignment, to create a softer geometric form which responds not only to its internal functions as a studio, but also to the environment, especially with water and movement in mind. The exterior is made entirely of corrugated metal, with a large glass door system overlooking a terrace on the river.

The interior designed by B3 Designers is mainly wood and concentrates on the contrasts between different wood finishes, colours, textures and tonalities.