Fugabella® Color

50 colours design. Piero Lissoni’s collaboration with Kerakoll on a project for the decorative grouting of tiles, mosaics and natural stone, and co-ordinated sealing of floors, bathroom fittings and shower cubicles.

Color designer → Piero Lissoni

Resina-cemento® Hybrid technology grout for GreenBuilding
Fugabella Color is a resin-cement hybrid grout which is formulated with a new mix of pure, natural binders which have been hybridised with resin binders and other additives, giving them very low VOC content, lower environmental impact than traditional cement or epoxy-resin grouts, and making them safer for people’s health.

Versatile and universal
The new grout is suitable for a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions meaning that one type of grout can be used for all purposes rather than having to choose one that fits the on-site conditions.

Rich, intense colours
The particles used in the grout give a depth and evenness of colour. Adding water to already mixed grout can lead to colour inconsistencies – Fugabella Color remains workable without changing consistency thus avoiding the need to do so.

No efflorescence
Resin-cement grout is not subject to salt and lime efflorescence which means that the joints maintain their original depth of colour without fading.

Very low permeability
The purity of the materials employed along with the use of specific natural additives gives reduced water absorption, lower levels of joint staining and complete protection from common acid pH substances.

Extremely high resistance to abrasion
A revolutionary bonding system gives superior resistance to abrasion of 425 mm³ for Fugabella Color after 72 hours compared to 970 mm³ for a cementitious grout.

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