Funding Options for Flat Roof Solar PV

A school’s flat roof offers the ideal space for a PV array as the unobstructed area enables maximum exposure to sunlight, optimising energy generation. Solar panels on a flat roof are out of site, simple to install and maintain and thoroughly cost effective particularly as there are various funding and investment streams available for solar PV projects.  This means your school can benefit from the advantages of a PV array, with no capital outlay.

Photovoltaic panels provide educational buildings with renewable energy, financial savings and practical learning opportunities to support the curriculum as well as generating a potential income and reducing carbon footprint. There are three main schemes that can be accessed to fund solar projects.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s)

Private funders offering a PPA solution enable property owners to take advantage of a fully installed PV system for zero capital outlay. The school enters into a long-term contract to purchase the electricity generated by the solar array from the private funder at a rate that is lower than their current purchase price and guaranteed for 20 years. As the array is owned and maintained by the funder there is no maintenance requirement for the building owner.

Community Funded PPA’s

Similar to a PPA, but capital is raised to provide funds for the installation of the solar array through a community share offer. The school benefits from reduced energy costs, but the PV array is owned by the cooperative or community benefit society from whom the building owner purchases the electricity.

Salix Finance

Salix enables public sector organisations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to take a lead in tackling climate change by increasing their energy efficiency. Salix provides 100 per cent interest-free capital for the public sector to reduce their energy costs by enabling the installation of modern, energy efficient technologies and replacing dated, inefficient technologies. Repayment can be made over a four to eight-year period.

CASE STUDY – Sheringham High School

Bauder was the perfect choice for our flat roof refurbishment as they offered a high-quality solution with a long-term guarantee. The inclusion of the PV system provided us with reduced installation costs by twinning the two projects. The construction was entirely trouble free; Bauder representatives regularly attended to inspect progress and they were totally in-tune with the unique issues presented by a working school environment. We are thrilled with our new roof and PV installation. It has protected teaching spaces for the long term and provided a valuable source of energy saving and potential income. We are committed to carbon reduction and our solar panels and the output display provide a useful tool for teaching and learning.

Andrew Richardson, Executive Headteacher, Sheringham High School

Bauder provides a full service from funding application support through to system installation, whether you are looking to retrofit solar PV panels or incorporate renewable energy into your flat roof refurbishment project.

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