GEZE turns heads at the Nadler Soho Hotel

What must be one of the most striking façades in the City of Westminster has been created for a boutique hotel in Soho by positioning a bespoke piece of modern art above a stylish revolving door from GEZE UK.

The Nadler Hotel Soho combines the ultimate in luxury with contemporary art – something that is instantly apparent when approaching the hotel. At ground level, GEZE UK’s three leaf automatic TSA 325 NT revolving door and two pass doors powered by EMD-F automatic swing door operators have been installed to create a sophisticated modern entrance; look up and hanging above the revolving door is Selene, a stunning 3m piece of public art by artist Hew Locke.

The attractive automatic TSA 325 NT revolving door is ideal for buildings such as hotels that need to provide guests with an ‘always open’ entrance, but at the same time need to ensure a pleasant and consistent climate within the building. The door is activated by a motion detector inside and out, and as well as being energy efficient, the TSA 325 NT revolving door provides a high degree of protection from the elements and insulation against noise.

To help meet the demands of the equality act, two pass doors have been installed on either side of the revolving door. Powered by GEZE’s industry leading 7cm Slimdrive EMD-F automatic swing operators, one door has been set to allow guests to enter the hotel and the other to exit. The sleek design of the EMD-F operator allows it to be concealed in any façade, making it the ideal system for the hotel.

Kaz Spiewakowski, managing director of GEZE UK, said:

“Combining the automatic TSA 325 NT revolving door, with two pass doors powered by the Slimdrive EMD-F automatic swing operators, has created a stylish entrance that compliments the building yet provides an accessible solution for all. And of course, the installation of such a stunning work of art above the entrance has made this an unusual project and really makes the Nadler Hotel a destination in its own right!”

Robert Nadler, CEO of Nadler Hotels said:

“We didn’t have the depth to have the double doors we originally planned, so the solution offered by GEZE provided the flexibility that we sought, with a look that integrated well with our exterior design.”

For more information about GEZE UK’s TSA 325 NT revolving door, the Slimdrive EMD-F automatic swing operator or its comprehensive range of door and window control systems call 01543 443000 or visit