Give secondary glazing a second thought

Although probably not top of the list for most people now the sun is shining, this time of year is the perfect time to think about secondary glazing.

As we all know, the warm weather doesn’t stick around forever so taking measures to reduce window draughts and rattles before the winter months is not such a bad idea.

Although here at Ventrolla we pride ourselves on restoring period windows back to their former glory, we also specialise in secondary glazing – an ideal solution for those living near busy roads or other noisy environments who want to reduce sound intrusion as well as heat loss.

As stated on the Centre for Sustainable Energy website:

“Around 18% of the total heat loss from a typical house is through the windows. By reducing window draughts you can cut the heat loss and make your home more comfortable.”

As many period homeowners consider double glazing their windows as sacrilege, due to the history and heritage of their home, original sash features can be retained using various forms of secondary glazing.

Approved by English Heritage, Historic Scotland and CADW in Wales, Ventrolla’s discreet secondary glazing system reduces heat loss and improves sound insulation in both listed properties and those in conservation areas.

For more information visit Ventrolla’s new secondary glazing website or give us a call on 0800 378 278.

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