GreenSpec PASS endorsement awarded to Newton Diathonite insulation render

The GreenSpec PASS label is recognised as the leading labelling system to denote that a product is highly eco-friendly. There is a stringent list of criteria which must be met in order for a product to be approved by the review panel, including:

  • Conserves natural resources – preference given to products which have little or no impact on the depletion of limited natural resources
  • Uses resources efficiently – e.g using less material, recycled products
  • Has low embodied energy – preference given to products that demonstrate reduced amounts of energy used in their manufacture
  • Non-hazardous emissions – the product should be free of toxic chemicals
  • Makes efficient use of water – promotes water efficiency
  • Saves energy – energy saving is at the heart of sustainable construction
  • Demonstrates performance – performs in a manner according to manufacturers claims

Diathonite insulating cork render met all the above requirements

Benefits Of Newton Diathonite Insulating Cork Render

  • The cork enables the plaster to provide very high thermal properties
  • Excellent acoustic insulation properties
  • Completely eco-friendly, composed of naturally occurring compounds
  • Resistant to fire: Class 1

Warren Muschialli, Managing Director, John Newton & Company, said:

“We are delighted that Diathonite Insulated Render has received the GreenSpec PASS label, as it reflects the unique environmental benefits of the product. Diathonite has been installed in properties across the UK and Italy, and specifiers and contractors have been impressed by the high insulation benefits coupled with the eco-friendly benefits.”

Further Information and Case Studies

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