Hauraton high capacity drainage systems installed at Port Sunderland

The Port of Sunderland now boasts some impressive infrastructure and associated services.

Municipally owned and situated on the south side of the River Wear, the latest wharf facilities now allow for multi materials handling. A fleet of fork lift trucks, from four tonne to 29 tonne capacity have a wide range of attachments to meet all cargo handling requirements. Additionally, a drop-sided HGV, an articulated tractor unit and two 40-tonne low-loaders are also available for transportation of cargoes within the port estate.

Designed to resist the rigours of site work, 180 metres of Hauraton RECYFIX® HICAP® 8000 high capacity channels were installed to drain the wharf area. Factory fitted with 14mm wide slotted ductile iron inlets, the channels comply with a loading class of F900 so can easily take the weight of the fully laden vehicles employed. Importantly, once installed the complete channel system is highly resilient to the twisting forces imposed by their wheels.

The RECYFIX® HICAP® one metre channels used each have a water capacity of 171.4 litres so the180 metre channel system installed is able to accept a water volume of 30852 litres. Trash boxes to match the channels were also supplied.

For Case Study go to www.drainage-projects.co.uk