Heat your home for less this winter

Traditional heating systems often result in energy being wasted as they heat all rooms to the same temperature.

The solution to this is to only heat when and where is necessary. The cheapest, simplest and most reliable method for doing this is to equip radiators with thermostatic valves and heads from Giacomini, who has launched its new R460 Thermostatic Radiator Valve.

The R460 will help users increase the efficiency of their homes this winter which will ultimately result in saving money. With an ultra-sensitive and responsive liquid head sensor, the contemporary R460 enables homeowners to control temperature settings with incredibly high precision whilst allowing varying temperatures in different rooms throughout the home.

The R460 has received an A rating (the highest possible) from the product classification body for the European TRV industry, TELL (Thermostatic Efficiency Labelling). TELL ratings are based upon the products’ ability to allow the user to notice an immediate saving, which furthers Giacomini’s claims that the R460 is not only more efficient, but will also save users money.

Giacomini’s new TRV can guarantee energy savings by providing precise heat control and steady room temperatures. The system behind this is based on any change in room temperature causing a variation of liquid in the sensor which, in turn, causes movement of the internal mechanism that opens or closes the valve. When the room temperature is then approaching the desired level, the head gradually closes to only let through a minimum amount of water to maintain a constant temperature.

This is the latest in a line of developments to Giacomini’s Italian designed TRV range following the launch of the R468H and are now in stock at Giacomini UK’s Bristol warehouse.

For more information please visit www.giacomini.co.uk.

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