Helping restaurants and hotels expand their cover outdoors

Canopies UK’s latest product, the Cantabria, helps bring diners closer to the al fresco experience 365 days a year.

The Cantabria canopy is the newest product from Canopies UK, and offers restaurants and hotels around the country the opportunity to maximise their outdoor space and boost their profits throughout the year.

Al fresco dining continues to grow in popularity and it doesn’t have to be confined to the warmer climates of Europe, especially given recent predictions of a beautiful summer in the UK.

The automated retractable roof and sides on the Cantabria, make it really quick and simple to open up an outdoor terrace whatever the weather.

But with its bespoke design and tailor made measurements, establishments can also ensure that even in wet and windy weather, the outdoor space can be fully taken advantage of and more diners can be seated come rain or shine.

That means increased profits and more room for guests to enjoy their experience.

The state of the art canopy system can be fitted with a whole range of accessories, including heating options, interior lighting to match your décor, and integrated speaker systems.

As well as extending the profitability of your restaurant or hotel, a canopy like the Cantabria makes use of that valuable outdoor space and increases the value of your property as a whole. And because it can be fully customised, it will blend in seamlessly with your interior.

Whatever the weather, you’ll have a great space to make use of 365 days a year.

And when the sun is shining, you’ll have created a truly luxurious dining experience for all your guests.