High Capacity drainage for new Gateshead Riverside Bus Depot

The new £8.5m Gateshead Riverside Bus Depot at Dunston is the centre piece of the Go Ahead Group’s two-year £30m investment in Go North East bus network. Located on a brown field site formerly occupied by the Dunston power station, the new facility covers 5.75 hectares.

The 326m² (3,500ft²) Gateshead Riverside Bus Depot building is a servicing and fuelling centre used by over 160 Go North East buses, 24 hours per day and seven days per week. 145 buses can be washed and re-fuelled on site overnight. Located off Mandela Way on the South bank of the River Tyne, the new depot building is surrounded by a concreted parking area for buses and staff cars, so effective surface water drainage was a major consideration for designers Portland Consulting Engineers Limited to ensure efficient all-weather operation.

Hauraton supplied 800 metres of their RECYFIX® HICAP® 300, high capacity drainage channels. They were installed in seven runs by ground worker Joyce Drainage Limited, to remove surface water so allowing the Depot to remain open even under severe storm conditions. The large capacity of the HICAP® runs meant a drain area of up to 10,000m2 was achieved with just one gully outlet. The RECYFIX® HICAP® 300 channel runs installed at the Depot accept a water volume of 137,120 litres. The scheme greatly reduced excavation costs and the length of underground pipe-work required. Each one metre channel unit weighed only 23.4kg, so they were easily manipulated into their final position on site.

Factory fitted with 14mm slotted ductile iron inlets, the channels comply with a loading Class of F900 so can easily take the weight of a double-decker bus. Importantly, once installed the complete system is highly resilient to the twisting forces imposed by bus wheels.