Hitachi’s VRF with CS Net system control prevents annoying cold draughts

Available across the entire Set Free VRF range managed with CS Net control systems, Hitachi Air Conditioning’s innovative cold draught prevention has been improving the working conditions and productivity of staff wherever it’s installed, and reducing customer complaints and call outs for engineers.

In standard VRF systems the control is only on the Return Air Temperature, so when the heat load demand is low the discharge air temperature could be reduced, sometimes below a comfortable level, creating a cold draught. Staff will invariably adjust the room thermostat to increase the room air temperature to compensate, leading to an increase of discomfort effects and with a possible consequent increase in energy usage and end-user energy costs.

Central control
Hitachi’s innovative CS Net central controller with off coil protection works in conjunction with its System Free indoor units which each have an Air On Thermistor, Air Off Thermistor, Liquid Thermistor, Gas Thermistor and Electronic Expansion Valve. Via CS Net Systems it is possible to set a minimum Air Off temperature in cooling mode for the indoor units to avoid cold draughts when the discharge air temperature is below the desired one, resetting the unit to Thermo-On once it’s back inside the comfort range.

First to market
Hitachi was the first manufacturer to provide off coil temperature control as standard, and with a wide range of System Free indoor unit and heat exchanger combinations available with nominal capacities – which could be as low as 0.6HP (1.7kW) and up to 130 per cent connection ratio (to outdoor capacity) – there is an appropriate combination for any Hitachi Set Free VRF installation.

In addition, Hitachi’s Technical Sales team can help customers specify and design a system, or the HiToolKit software along with an effective Schedule tool can be used to plan, select and design a complete VRF system in just a few minutes.

Pier Giorgio Cesaratto, UK Product Marketing Manager, Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe SAS commented:

“Using the CS Net system with our Set Free VRF prevents the risk of cold draughts in offices and increases staff comfort and productivity. And it could help save end users money as energy costs can finally be reduced. Furthermore Hitachi is very keen to provide customers with full support when sizing systems. We believe the combination of Set Free VRF, System Free indoor units and our innovative CS Net systems sets a new industry benchmark for controlling and preventing cold draughts in a range of applications including offices and shops.”

For more information about the Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning Set Free VRF range with comfort protection function as standard, contact Hitachi Direct Sales on 020 3901 0912 or the extensive Hitachi distributor network.