How to style your home like you hired an interior designer

The interior design of your home portrays your way of life, style, and personality. Everyone wants their home to look trendy, welcoming, and ooze that wow factor when friends and family come for an occasional visit. Still, choosing the top designs for your interior and transforming a regular looking house into a beautifully designed dream home can be an overwhelming task for everyone. To achieve that, you will need to display a high level of creativity, dedication, and knowledge. There are certainly many aspects to think about, from painting schemes and wallpapers to room accessories and furniture. Designing your home is not something to be rushed.

In case you are not a professional interior designer yourself, the process can get tricky at times. That’s why most homeowners opt to hire a professional interior designer to help them with specific home arrangements and help them pick the most suitable design scheme for their home. Still, hiring an expert on the matter can be pretty expensive for many homeowners. Also, many people want to experiment with the design and do it in their own way. So, how do you design your home interior if you are not skilled in the field? Thanks to our knowledgeable team of designers, we’ve compiled the short guide below to learn how to convert your simple home into the designer home of your dreams.

Choose The Colour Scheme 
Picking a suitable colour scheme for your home is a tough objective. With colours being so personal and create a mood within everybody, go with the colours that you find most appealing. We won’t suggest to you what colours to select, but we’ll advise you to try for a mix of three complementary colours or shades to form a colour scheme. Choose one primary colour for the walls, another colour for more immense accents like furniture and appliances, and then a third that pops in the smallest accessories like pillows, flowers, and knick-knacks.

We strongly advise you to bring in professionals to plaster and skim the walls and provide a smooth and flat surface to your internal walls and ceilings before you paint them in your favourite colour. Visit PriceYourJob to find a highly skilled plasterer to get the job done for just a fraction of the cost you would pay to professional interior design studios or services.

Our experts say that you can’t go wrong if you choose a colour combination of brown, teal, and tangerine. Paint the interior walls in a brown shade, teal is a perfect colour for the accent piece of furniture or the focal wall, and pick tangerine-coloured pillows and accessories. This interior designer’s formula of three colours works in a million combinations, as rooms with only one colour are particularly dull and out of style.

Add Huge Statement Pieces Of Furniture 
Rooms with too many small and spindly pieces only serve to collect clutter and confuse the eye. Instead of having a room with leggy chairs and tables, and lots of little knick-knacks, try going for a room that is perfectly mixed in style. Buy a large sofa, a couple of skirted club chairs, and add a slender armchair with trendy carved legs.

Mixing furniture styles and sizes make the room look more balanced and stylish. Experienced designers recommend adding a statement furniture piece even in the smallest of rooms. A mixture of little and big is key to every successful interior design in 2020. An eye-catching cabinet or a large armoire can do wonders for your room.

One of the fastest and best ways to make your interior look like it was professionally designed is to accessorise it and add the much-needed personality to your living space. Focus on creating a beautiful ambiance in your home. Gather a group of staple pieces like flower vases and trinkets and use them to accessorise your place. Don’t forget to throw some pillows on the sofa.

A good thing about accessories is that you can continuously change their order around and gain a different vibe each time you feel like rearranging. Chic accessories can add a great deal of “pizazz” to your home, and it will seem like a professional interior designer worked on your home, which is what you’re after in the first place.

Find The Right Balance Between Practical And Beautiful 
Even if this might be too obvious, experienced interior designers practice it, and it needs to be mentioned. Always have in mind that aesthetics shouldn’t influence the practicality and use of each piece in your home. An item that looks beautiful and is aesthetically pleasing can create a negative living experience if it doesn’t function well in your space.

Think about how you use your home, what activities take place, and style it with items that fit your everyday needs. If you are having trouble finding the right fit, there’s no use in acquiring that furniture piece in a rush. Take your time, visit all the furniture stores in your area, check out what the Internet has to offer, locate the best second-hand furniture stores in your country, and eventually, you’ll come across something worth having.

Don’t Be Afraid To Showcase Your Personality 
One of the first things that a proficient interior designer would consider when drawing up your home would be your personality. Designers want your home’s interior design to represent you as a person, so they’ll take the needed time to get to know you and understand what’s important to you in a home.

You know yourself better than anyone else, so this should be a simple task for you to undertake. Don’t hesitate to put your stamp on your home by installing small yet noticeable snippets of your personality throughout it. Statement furniture pieces and genuine artwork that you love are an excellent place to start.

Final Thoughts 
If you can’t afford an expert or want to design your home in your own way, you can now do it like a professional interior designer yourself. Use the information listed above, get the right materials for the job, find your favourite statement furniture pieces, carefully pick the colour scheme, add some personal notes, and design the home of your dreams.