Hunter Douglas introduces new colour collection for external venetian blinds

Hunter Douglas of Rotterdam has introduced a new colour collection for its External Venetian Blinds. In addition to the existing shades of grey and brown, the blinds are now also available in wood tones, duo tones and frost colours. The External Venetian Blinds, an exterior sun control solution with horizontal slats, make it easy to regulate the entrance of sunlight and heat, contributing to a pleasant interior climate. The fact that the user can shut out heat at will, means the interior temperature remains moderate and less energy is required for cooling. The External Venetian Blinds are manufactured sustainably: the slats are made of 70 to 80 per cent recycled aluminium. The blinds were recently applied to the office of Norwegian oil company Statoil in Fornebu – winner of the 2012 WAN Award in the ‘Commercial’ category.

In response to current trends in architecture, Hunter Douglas has expanded its range of External Venetian Blinds with a new colour collection. The external venetian blinds are now also available in standard wood tones, duo tones and frost colours (on request, the External Venetian Blinds can be delivered in any other colour). The blinds facilitate optimal use of sunlight, while reducing glare, for instance on computer screens. They also contribute to improved regulation of solar heat. The slats, mounted in front of clear insulating glass, can filter out over 95 per cent of the heat of incident solar radiation if the sun angle is 40 degrees and the slats are tilted at no more than five degrees. An anthracite black slat in combination with glass will even block out 97 per cent of direct sunlight. Stark contrasts are eliminated, while the indoor-to-outdoor view remains clear. The result is a pleasant interior climate and reduced cooling costs.

The blinds can be controlled manually as well as through so-called ‘building management’. In the latter case, the controls are centralised in alignment with the values registered by anemometers and sunlight meters. The aluminium slats consist of over 70 per cent recycled material and are available in widths and thicknesses varying from 50 to 100 millimetres and from 0.2 to 0.45 millimetres, respectively.

The External Venetian Blinds were recently applied to the Fornebu office of Norwegian oil company Statoil. The building won first prize in the ‘Commercial’ category of the World Architecture News (WAN) Awards 2012. A total of 2,200 External Venetian Blinds and 300 EOS®500 Roller Blinds of Hunter Douglas were mounted. The building has a total floor space of over 67,000 square metres.