Icopal provides vital protection for remote power plant

When distribution network operator Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) identified the need to update the weather protection on a local power generation site on the Isle of Lewis and Harris, Icopal’s cold applied Enviroflex Liquid waterproofing system was selected to meet the on-site challenges and achieve a durable and reliable seal.

The facility, operated by SSEN, is located in the coastal town of Stornoway, and houses six diesel-powered generators that supplement the electricity supply to homes and businesses on the island at times of high demand. Due to exposure to the extreme winter weather experienced on the coast of the Scottish island, the building had begun to suffer from water ingress and required renovation work.

As the result of a competitive tender for the contract, Scunthorpe based Broadley Industrial Roofing Ltd was appointed as the preferred contractor to undertake the refurbishment. Following the success of previous partnerships with Icopal, the Broadley Industrial Roofing team approached the manufacturer to consult on the project.

The scope of works included restoration of approximately 1,250m² of roof on three different levels. Furthermore, a key requirement for the refurbishment was to minimise disruption to the building’s operation and as such the new system was to be installed over the existing bituminous waterproofing membranes. The project was also complicated by the remote location that meant that moving materials and personnel to the site needed to be carefully planned in advance. The coastal position of the facility was also a factor and despite scheduling the refurbishment to be carried out in May and June, the weather was still a key consideration.

Representatives from both Icopal and Broadley Industrial Roofing visited the site to determine the exact requirements of the project and assess any challenges that could affect the installation. Following this consultation, Icopal’s Enviroflex Liquid Waterproofing Membrane with polyester reinforcing fleece was recommended for all three roof areas.

For Broadley Industrial Roofing one of the important benefits of the Enviroflex system was the speed of installation. The wet-on-wet application method meant that areas could be waterproofed quickly and completely, with the surface fully weatherproof after only 30 minutes. The fast curing formulation allowed the installation team to work around any changes in the weather. Also by removing the need to return to that area of the roof to apply a further layer, the project timescales could be maintained.

Furthermore, the roof also included a number of complex details and surface penetrations such as louvred smoke vents. As a liquid applied system, the seamless Enviroflex product allowed the material to be moulded to the shape of the vents – creating a more reliable and durable seal.

Stephen Broadley, Director at Broadley Industrial Roofing explained:

“From the initial stages it was clear that this was a project with a number of specific requirements and challenges to overcome. The support our team received from Icopal at every stage of the process helped us achieve a final result that we can be proud of.”

To find out more about the Icopal range of liquid applied waterproofing solutions visit www.icopal.co.uk.