Icopal specified for Heathrow T3 Pier 7 roof refurb

When the roof to Pier 7 at Heathrow’s Terminal 3 required refurbishment, one of the essential design criteria was the robustness of the waterproofing layers, the consideration for foot traffic and the proximity of significant roof HVAC plant. Following similar installations to other roof areas on Terminal 3, Itech Roofworks were nominated to install the Icopal system specification.

Many of the departure gate rooms and interconnecting spine had suffered from water ingress for some time. Upon investigation, it was apparent that the level of roof mounted plant and equipment combined with the condition of existing waterproofing system was contributing to the amount of water ingress experienced.  Managed by main contractor MACE, the project involved the relocation of almost all roof mounted plant and equipment onto a new steelwork mezzanine structure (located 2.5m above the original roof level), permitting access to roofing sub-contractor Itech Roofworks to commence with the flat roof replacement.

Hayley Reynolds, Project Manager at Itech Roofworks said:

“We were conscious that from a health and safety point of view we needed to avoid naked flames on the building or in the proximity of aircraft because of the potential for fire spread. We also needed products that were flexible and reliable. Icopal’s system specification combined self-adhesive bitumen membranes with their Elastoflex Solvent Free liquid membrane which we felt was the ideal solution for the refurbishment works at Heathrow.”

The Micoral SK Vapour Control Layer from Icopal is a heat activated / self-adhesive vapour control layer with an aluminium/PET core. Applied to the prepared and primed substrate, the membrane is immediately adhered providing a weatherproof temporary finish to the roof structure prior to application of the final waterproofing materials.

For Pier 7, new insulation was installed and immediately covered with the Pyrobar Underlay that was used as the carrier layer, before finishing with Icopal’s Elastoflex Solvent Free liquid applied waterproofing membrane.

Pyrobar Underlay is polyester reinforced SBS-modified bituminous membrane with an upper surface finished with Red Syntan acrylic coating. This coating reduces the weight of the material, making it easier to handle on site whilst also providing the ideal surface to receive the Elastoflex liquid membrane.

Finally, the Elastoflex Solvent Free liquid applied waterproofing membrane was applied providing a robust and seamless surface finish. Furthermore, the Elastoflex Solvent Free liquid membrane benefits from wet-on-wet application, allowing faster application as the primary waterproofing elements are applied in a single operation. The finished works created a durable waterproofing system installed to a consistent high standard.

Simon Ashworth, Product Manager at Icopal, said:

“At Icopal we like to recognise our partners’ success and we hold an annual awards ceremony to thank them for their hard work. At this year’s IMA awards, we commended Hayley for her excellent handling of the Heathrow project and awarded her the Craftsman of the Year category but her team were also awarded first place in the Liquid Waterproofing category. This was a challenging project but Hayley and her team did a really fantastic job.”

For more information, please visit www.icopal.co.uk