Ideal standard adds to concept freedom range with new accessible bath for all ages

Ideal Standard, the leading provider of innovative and design-driven bathroom solutions, has extended its successful ‘accessible bathroom range’, Concept Freedom, with the addition of a new, multi-functional, accessible bath that is suitable for the whole family.

Concept Freedom’s new inclusive bath tub has been designed to make bathing anxiety free for users with mobility issues, while still delivering a beautifully designed aesthetic and a tranquil space in which to bathe.

It also aims to offer an alternative to the somewhat stigmatised requirement to replace a bath with a shower in the hope, just because a user has mobility issues.

The intelligent and versatile design of the bath combines luxury with multi-functionality, meaning its features are relevant for the different needs of the different types of users in the bathroom – with many of its features, such the lower ledge, also making bath time simpler for those bathing children and pets, for example.

Other key features of the bath include a reinforced ledge for stability, a lowered height controlled entry and exit, an inside step ledge to aid movability, a gel headrest to support the neck and support rails for manoeuvrability.

Ideal Standard teamed up with experts in design and care for older people. Led by Ideal Standard designer Robin Levien, the team comprised Design Council member, Colum Lowe, from specialist healthcare organisation, Red and Yellow Care, and well-respected occupational therapist, Anava Baruch, from Design for Independence.

Developed with accessibility in mind, the Concept Freedom range aims to include those of limited mobility through a collection of ceramics, brassware and showers that are well-designed, elegant and functional to meet a range of access needs.

Bathrooms can be adapted to users’ changing needs, whilst still looking modern and stylish – ensuring that the space deals with the demands of modern households and the diversity of occupants, including less abled and older generations.

Concept Freedom’s collection includes raised height WCs for easier, more comfortable access, accessible basins with wide side rims, wet-room panels with extended brackets and easy to use shower valves and kits.

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