Improved performance XPS from Sundolitt

Sundolitt UK, part of the Sunde Group, is a leading manufacturer of EPS (expanded polystyrene) products as well as XPS (extruded polystyrene) products via Group production in Norway and Germany, with an outstanding reputation for quality, value engineering and customer service.

Demonstrating high compressive strength, very low water absorption and improved insulating properties, Sundolitt’s XPS is utilised for load-bearing and insulating protection for buildings and construction, in a wide range of applications.

Sundolitt is always looking to improve material and product performance and works closely with its testing laboratory at its head office in Norway. A recent development which is already proving to be advantageous for clients and specifiers is the improved Lambda values that are being achieved across its XPS range. Recent tests carried out by the Technology Institute in Norway – a registered laboratory for thermal conductivity testing – has shown improvements in the thermal conductivity of Sundolitt’s XPS material.

The improved Lambda value of 0.033W/mK at 50mm extends across the range between 200 – 700kPA and will assist clients in achieving improved U values for construction applications. Sundolitt’s XPS also has the capability to maintain its insulating performance even in an environment of high moisture content. As well as straight edged boards, Sundolitt’s XPS boards are also available with a ship lap edge at no extra cost, which prevents thermal bridging and stops capillary action.

Manufactured in compliance with BS EN 13164: 2008 and Management System ISO 9001, Sundolitt’s XPS insulation products easily comply with Part L of the Building Regulations. This improved performance material reinforces Sundolitt’s commitment to this market, helping lower U values and supporting the increased requirements of buildings to perform thermally whilst also reducing carbon emissions.

Products using HFC gases have a high global warming potential, however Sundolitt XPS is blown using predominately CO² and is therefore HFC free. Utilising environmentally conscious production methods since 2007 has resulted in XPS in construction applications having a global warming potential of less than five and an ozone depletion potential of zero. Furthermore, producing the majority of our own raw materials in compliance with management system ISO 14001, ensures our commitment to supply high performance, high quality and sustainable products aligning with client requirements.

Featuring inherent strength, Sundolitt’ XPS is suitable for use in structures with strict requirements for weight-bearing applications, whilst also ensuring excellent long-term strength over the lifetime of the installation to EN826. This capability demonstrates the versatility of XPS in that as well as inherent insulating properties the material is a proven solution for industrial flooring projects such as cold stores and chilled storage facilities as well as inverted roofing applications. Importantly, XPS retains its strength over the full service life of the building application and is not affected by rain, snow or frost

Philip Cheshire, General Manager (UK), at Sundolitt, comments,

“We are delighted to announce the improved thermal conductivity testing results of our XPS material and are already working on client projects where this enhanced property was an important part of the specification.”

Playing a crucial role in a range of industries, Sundolitt works with clients to specify the right product and material solution for their application, whether that be the improved XPS material or an EPS-based product, ensuring technical expertise support from design to installation and beyond.