Innovation at Ecobuild – BioSOLAR Launched

Flat roof manufacturer Bauder officially launched its innovative, combined green roof and PV system offering BioSOLAR this month at Ecobuild. Designed primarily for new build applications where this synergy of solutions is often required to meet planning and BREEAM requirements; the biosolar system can also be retrofitted on many existing roofs without the need for any structural modification to the building.

Now in its 12th year, Ecobuild well and truly lived up to its billing of being the world’s leading event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment – attracting over 40,000 industry professionals during the three day event at ExCeL London and featuring a tantalizing speaker line-up that included TV personality Stephen Fry. Bauder, one of a handful of companies that have been ever-present at Ecobuild since its inception in 2005, also delivered an exclusive new seminar at the event on biosolar roofs and how they can help boost your project’s sustainability credentials, as well as the potential design and installation pitfalls to be aware of.

Designs that do not perform optimally for both technologies are often as a result of people assuming the solar panels require more technical input than the green roof; however getting the green roof element wrong can mean the vegetation is forced to grow around the panels, resulting in shadowing and therefore reduced energy generation. The integration of PV and green roof technologies requires skill, expert understanding and ultimately a collaborative approach throughout the survey, design and installation process from all project stakeholders to ensure the maximum benefit for the building owner. With Bauder able to perform a free survey of your roof area and supply all of the waterproofing, green roof and PV elements, it gives you total confidence that this energy efficient and cohesive solution is the right one for your project.

Bauder’s BioSOLAR system uses the substrate and vegetation to provide the ballasted installation mechanism, removing the need to penetrate the waterproofing to secure the mounting units to the roof and simultaneously making the most of the available area for vegetation, enabling the entire roof to qualify as a biodiverse green roof. Another key feature of this unique system, which was shortlisted for Ecobuild’s ‘Big Innovation Pitch’ in association with Marks & Spencer, is that the front edge of the polycrystalline PV panel is raised 300mm above the finished green roof level, allowing light and moisture to reach beneath the modules whilst ensuring the mature vegetation will not shade the panels and can be easily maintained. The mixture of sunny, shaded and sheltered areas together with a variable depth of FLL compliant extensive substrate gives a matrix of different habitats that allow a broader range of plant species to thrive, and a rich foraging environment for bees and insects.

If you missed Bauder’s biosolar seminar at Ecobuild and want to learn more about how a biosolar roof could benefit your future projects please contact Bauder on 0845 271 8800 to arrange a bespoke CPD seminar on this new technology that can be delivered at your offices or alternatively visit the following website:

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