International award for Britplas Safesee door

The team at Britplas has collected another international product design award, this time the Product Design for Healthcare Application at the 2013 Design & Health International Academy Awards, for their revolutionary new Safesee bedroom door.

The awards, held during the 9th Design & Health World Congress & Exhibition in Brisbane, Australia, celebrated the most forward-thinking healthcare projects from around the world.

The Product Design prize won by Britplas was awarded for a product that adheres to human factor principles and which is integrally installed in a healthcare environment, advances levels of technical performance and integrates with the setting designed to accommodate it.

Britplas brought the newly designed Safesee Door to the market last year and are delighted that it has been recognised at such a prestigious event and in such esteemed company. The new door addresses the key safety concerns associated with mental health settings.

The door is fully programmable and incorporates an innovative observation panel. The panel is opaque to ensure patient privacy but at the swipe of a card or a fob (for example, during observation rounds), the panel can be rendered instantly clear to allow for full viewing by staff. The time and the name of the member of staff carrying out the observation are then instantly logged on a computer to create an auditable record.

The whole of the door has been designed as a programmable scale that allows staff to set the trigger point for notification of a ligature taking place on any part of the door. The design team can choose say 40kg for an adult male ward, and set a delay of say 8 seconds before an alert is triggered. This can be changed at any time using a simple Windows programme should the patient group change. Any alert will be instantly logged and recorded.

In addition, the door opens inwards but has an invisible, instant release anti-barricade jamb that is operated by the same card or fob used for observation. There are no keys or tools required. The instant access is also recorded when triggered.

Commenting on the award win, chairman of Britplas, Kevin Gorman said,

“We are delighted to have been recognised once again at these prestigious awards”.

“As a team we know that with the Safesee Door we have created something very special which will bring very real benefits for patients and staff alike. It’s another example of what we do best – we listen to our clients and the concerns they have and then develop solutions.”

“The Safesee Door will revolutionise the way bedroom doors are specified in the future, much as our Safevent Window has revolutionised fenestration within mental health environments.”

Britplas last won the Product Design for Healthcare Application award in 2009 for their Safevent window. For more information on the Safesee Door and other Britplas innovations, visit