Introducing the universal sensor from Sontay

The single output UN-Sensor is the latest low-cost addition to Sontay’s range of sensors and is an ideal choice for tight-budgeted projects. Installers can expect devices within the range to automatically detect the controller signal whether it is 4-20mA or 0-10V and rest assured that it will have the accuracy and reliability that the Sontay product family is renowned for.

Despite it being the most affordable option in the range and focused on a single output, the device is available to measure a range of variables, concentrating on one of three options: air quality (AQ), carbon dioxide (CO2) and relative humidity (RH). The UN-Sensor is just as reliable as the standard Sontay sensing devices and the technology it features is superior to competitive products on the market. The inexpensiveness of the sensor also increases its appeal in both US and Middle Eastern markets.

The UN-Sensor is available in space, plant and duct versions.  The space version comes in a polished white finish, can be mounted onto any wall surface and will provide an accurate, reliable reading of the room temperature. A fully configurable LCD Display, as well as a resistive temperature output are available as options.

Users are undoubtedly at an advantage when using this product. Not only is it the best value product in the field control and peripheral industry, with the device’s automatic connection to the controller output, there is no need to select from jumpers or DIP-switches. The UN-Sensor range offers premium performance at a cost effective price.

The installation of the UN-Sensor entails a very simple six-step process and can be ready to use in just 30 minutes. This allows time for the electronics to stabilise and pre-commissioning checks to be carried out.

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