K-Series kitchen system awarded LPS 1223 certification

Nobel Fire Systems has been awarded LPS 1223 certification, on its market leading K-Series range of kitchen fire suppression systems, by the UK’s premier fire accreditation organisation, BRE’s Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).

The innovative nature of the K-Series, being the only electrical system on the market enabling 24/7 system monitoring and having with no mechanical moving parts, posed challenges for the LPCB who designed LPS1223 with only mechanical systems in mind, but Nobel achieved approval through demonstrating the effectiveness of the K-Series’ cutting edge design.

Nobel primarily took the decision to push for LPS1223 approval to meet a growing demand for 3rd party certification from insurers and end users.

Ian Bartle, Nobel’s Managing Director commented,

“K-Series is uniquely designed with both aesthetics and operational performance in mind, it’s a significant innovation over existing mechanical systems and we are delighted to have attained LPS1223 certification as further proof of the products leading capabilities”.

Nobel’s K-Series fire suppression system is designed to British and European standards and as well as LPS 1223 is certified to ISO 9001:2000 and is CE marked.