Kaldewei: “Any grout joint is one too many”

The Asklepios Group, one of the largest companies in the German healthcare sector, and its members of the Green Hospital Program are focused on developing approaches to a “green” hospital.

As part of the research project “Greening the Patient Room – The Patient Room of the Future”, Asklepios Engineer Michael Scherer, who campaigns for sustainability in hospital construction, explains the advantages of floor-level shower surfaces made of Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm for hospital environments.

Following bad experiences with tiled shower areas, Scherer said:

“Any grout joint is one too many. Our approach therefore is to invest from the start in a quality solution without grout joints that will in the end last for much longer.”

As a member of the program, Kaldewei is currently fitting a model room at the Asklepios private clinic St. Wolfgang in Bad Griesbach with the seamless enamelled shower surface Xetis with integrated wall outlet and Kaldewei Secure Plus finish, a virtually invisible full-surface anti-slip finish, ideal for use in hospitals.

The surface of Xetis made of durable Kaldewei 3.5mm steel enamel is hygienic, easy to clean and protects against damage due to moisture penetration – a major advantage over other materials, especially tiled shower areas.

Scherer said:

“The 30-year material guarantee for Kaldewei steel enamel was an additional bonus.”