Kaldewei presents: Meisterstücke

Available from June, Kaldewei presents Meisterstücke – a new collection of free-standing baths with seamless enamelled panelling.

Using modern technology for deep drawing steel, Kaldewei applies precise handcrafting to create a smooth transition from panelling to bath and create a flawless finish. The result is a true bathroom masterpiece that is available for three iconic Kaldewei bath models: Conoduo, Asymmetric Duo and Centro Duo Oval.

The Meisterstück Centro Duo Oval (shown) is available in the two sizes 170 x 75 cm and 180 x 80 cm. As an exclusive and separate segment, the new “Meisterstücke” take on special significance in the Kaldewei range and will in future be joined by other products made of Kaldewei 3.5mm steel enamel.