Kemper System takes centre stage at Greenwich Theatre

When the roof of a popular London theatre was no longer watertight, cold-applied liquid waterproofing specialist, Kemper System, provided the ideal solution.

Roofing contractors, Capitol Roofing Co Ltd of Blackheath in Greenwich, specified Kemperol 2K-PUR to refurbish the existing 500 sq. m asphalt roof at the Greenwich Theatre, south-east London, to stop water ingress into the four-storey building.

Thanks to its solvent-free and odourless qualities, Kemperol 2K-PUR was an obvious choice for refurbishment works on the occupied building. In addition, its quick installation benefits meant Capital Roofing Co Ltd, were able to meet their tight project deadline, and the works on the theatre were completed in time for the start of the festive show season.

Once Capital Roofing Co Ltd carried out extensive repairs and cleaned the surface they primed the existing roof surface then applied the Kemperol 2K-PUR resin in a single wet-on-wet process.  The cold-applied resin was rolled onto the roof with a reinforcement fleece laid directly in to the wet resin, immediately followed by more resin to ensure complete saturation of the reinforcement fleece. Once cured, the resin formed a seamless, elastomeric waterproof membrane that cannot delaminate, is UV stable and bonds directly to the substrate. 

Because the Kemperol 2K-PUR system is ideal for complex detailing, this meant a new, up-and-over staircase was able to be installed whilst still providing a seamless liquid waterproofing solution.  A Kemperdur anti-slip walkway for safe maintenance traffic was added to complete the waterproofing works. The installation team at Capitol Roofing Co Ltd completed the refurbishment of the Greenwich Theatre roof on time, to budget and specification.

Chris Shulver at Capitol Roofing Co Ltd, said:

“The existing roof at the theatre was failing resulting in water leaking through onto the seats inside. We had some very tight deadlines to adhere to, which is why we choose Kemperol 2K-PUR because of its quick and easy installation system.”

“The fact that the waterproofing solution is eco-friendly as well as odourless was an added bonus for the client, as work was able to be carried out whilst the building was still occupied. The theatre could carry on as normal with minimal waste removal or nuisance odours to disrupt employees or guests to the theatre, and without the fire risk of hot works.”

“With a BBA accredited 25-year service life, Kemperol 2K-PUR provided the ideal solution for the Greenwich Theatre refurbishment.”

Greenwich Theatre is a popular, local playhouse located in Croom’s Hill, close to the centre of Greenwich in south-east London. The theatre first came to Greenwich at the beginning of the 19th century during the famous Eastertide Greenwich Fair at which the Richardson travelling theatre annually performed. Since then, it has seen the likes of Mia Farrow, Charles Dance and Susannah York perform.