Kemperol keeps London’s silos functional

Kemper System’s Kemperol 2K-PUR solvent-free and odourless waterproofing membrane has been used to refurbish an 85 metre high food silo on London’s River Thames.

Working in conjunction with Capitol Roofing Co Ltd of Blackheath in Greenwich, the client, ADM UK, needed a swift refurbishment of one of its silos containing linseed, as water was leaking in.

Capitol Roofing Co Ltd chose Kemperol 2K-PUR to refurbish the roof and expansion joints around the perimeter of the silo because of its ease of application and difficult to access project location.

The contractors were able to install Kemper’s liquid system on top of the existing felt roof.  After cleaning and priming the substrate, the Kemperol 2K-PUR resin was then applied in a single, wet-on-wet process.

Reinforcement fleece was laid directly onto the first application of wet resin, immediately followed by more resin on top to ensures complete saturation of the reinforcement fleece. Once cured, the system forms a seamless, elastomeric waterproof membrane that cannot delaminate, is UV stable, and creates a strong bond directly to the substrate.

Because of the exposed location of the silo, contractors were faced with high winds during installation.  The handling and laying of sheet membrane materials would have increased the health and safety risk, so Kemper’s two-component liquid applied system was ideally suited to the conditions.

Chris Shulver at Capitol Roofing Co Ltd, said:

“This tricky project required a durable waterproofing solution that was quick and easy to apply given the location of the silo. Not only did Kemper’s Kemperol 2K-PUR system offer these benefits, but we could also provide peace of mind to the end client that the solution would ensure a completely seamless and durable waterproofing solution for many years to come – even in its exposed location.”

“Operatives had to work at greater heights than normal on this project, facing the elements as well as strong winds. Application of Kemperol doesn’t require any hot works needing gas bottles or boilers so it was easier to transport product to site, and we could complete the job quickly and to the full satisfaction of the end client.”

Stuart Hicks at Kemper System Ltd, added:

“The plant was first built in 1902 and has expanded over the years to provide more milling and processing silos for speciality feed ingredients. Because this particular silo contained food, a solution to stop the water ingress needed to be devised as quickly as possible. Kemperol 2K-PUR’s speed and ease of installation meant the plant could continue to function with very little disruption.”

ADM mills tonnes of wheat per year at its London site as well as six other facilities in England and Scotland.