Knauf AMF is the educated choice for Joseph Swan Academy

Having undergone a refurbishment programme to improve the building interior, Joseph Swan Academy in Gateshead has been transformed into an eco-friendly school. Knauf AMF THERMATEX® ceilings were installed throughout, offering bespoke solutions to help reduce the school’s energy consumption, provide durability and acoustic control in areas with differing requirements.

Stephen Colpitts at Gateshead Council specified Knauf AMF having undertaken a full analysis of all the other ceiling products available.

Knauf AMF were chosen because their product range is cost effective and offered an acoustic and aesthetic ceiling solution for each area of use. I was particularly impressed with how well the ceilings integrated seamlessly with the new energy-efficient lighting. The Knauf AMF grid system enabled the lights and other services to be installed quickly and easily, ensuring the tight deadline could be met.”

One of the biggest challenges with this project was timing, the work to replace all ceilings and fit new energy-efficient lighting had to be completed during the summer holidays before the pupils returned for the start of the new academic year. The team at Knauf AMF were quick to respond to the council’s specification request and ensured products arrived on site on time.

Amanda Connolly, Knauf AMF Specification Manager, explained how they achieved such a quick turnaround:

To meet the deadlines, it was important for us to work closely with our local distribution networks and the contractors to ensure everything ran smoothly. At each stage, communication was vital, and it was very much a joint effort by everyone involved. We are delighted to have been part of this project and to have delivered on time and on budget.

Knauf AMF made a significant contribution to the council’s energy conservation strategy for the school. The AMF THERMATEX® ceiling range offers 88 per cent light reflectance and full light diffusion which maximises the use of natural daylight, producing the optimum lighting conditions for a comfortable learning environment, reducing the need for artificial light.

THERMATEX® Fine Stratos ceilings were installed in the classrooms, offices and in the main hall. Classrooms are often noisy places which can have a detrimental effect on children’s performance at school. By installing a ceiling with high sound absorption and sound attenuation it is possible to control the level of reverberation and provide a healthy acoustic environment required to increase speech intelligibility. THERMATEX® Fine Stratos offers the highest class of sound absorption, Class A, and exceed the BB93 guidelines for sound absorption in schools.

Offering exemplary acoustic performance and Class A2 fire safety, THERMATEX® Thermofon ceilings were the ideal choice for the dining hall. The clean, crisp appearance of THERMATEX® Thermofon made it the perfect fit for the contemporary design of the school.

THERMATEX® Acoustic Hygena ceilings were chosen for the school’s kitchen. Areas where food preparation takes place have strict hygiene requirements. THERMATEX® Aquatec Hygena met these with ease. Produced with an added hygiene coating, the panels resist humidity of up to 95 per cent RH and repel mould and bacteria growth. The panels are easy to keep clean.

Knauf AMF excel at delivering on time and on budget. If your project has a tight deadline and requires different acoustic solutions, contact Knauf AMF at info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)