Knauf offer innovative ThroughWall Solution to the facades market

Collaboration between Knauf and strategic industry partners has produced a unique innovation for the façades market, the Knauf ThroughWall Solution.

The ThroughWall Solution combines quality Knauf products that give Knauf the unique advantage of being able to specify the façade infill panel through to the internal partitions.

Developed by Knauf – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lightweight building materials and systems – the system is the first in the industry to be supplied by a single manufacturer.

The most significant benefit of the ThroughWall Solution is Knauf being able to offer the specifier a single point of contact to provide the complete Knauf technical specification. Design details can now be provided by a single source.

This allows for accurate design drawings so that contractors will know exactly what to expect in construction. This simplification of the design and specification process also allows for a range of insurance backed Knauf warranties.

Knauf’s team of Design Engineers and Business Development Managers are on hand to offer full technical support and design advice to ensure the right solution is achieved first time around.

Durable and high quality engineered components of the ThroughWall Solution deliver excellent acoustic, thermal, fire performance properties and air tightness levels while insuring greater sustainability due to Knauf’s responsible manufacturing credentials.

Designed for both steel frame and concrete frame systems, the ThroughWall Solution is an infill panel system only and therefore can be finished in a number of external façade materials including the range of Knauf renders. The system comprises the Knauf Internal Plasterboard, Knauf Mineral Wool Insulation, Knauf Solid Steel Frame System (SFS), Knauf Windliner and Knauf PIR insulation.

Knauf Windliner is a gypsum based external grade sheathing board that provides protection against weather elements and offers an excellent level of air tightness. The system offers rapid build speeds to deliver a weather-tight external envelope with design flexibility for a wide variety of applications including residential, commercial, healthcare and education for both the new build and renovation sectors.

Suitable for use above 18m, the Knauf ThroughWall Solution has met the requirements set out in Annex B of BRE 135 and has successfully passed the test as per British Standard 8414-2.

The benefit of using Knauf PIR Insulation above 18m is that it allows for a reduction in wall thickness of the external envelope creating greater internal spaces, ideal for residential developments.