KUBE develops a new level of hotel-quality temporary accommodation for employees

The demand for good temporary hotel quality accommodation has never been greater as infrastructure, oil and gas and mining companies continue to move into areas which are remote from their employees’ homes. A new entrant in this market KUBE has developed a state of the art, spacious and luxurious product which will be attractive to workers and can be easily deployed.

Led by Michael Stockdale, who was previously Operations Director at Snoozebox, KUBE’s range of deluxe temporary accommodation offers a new level of comfort including en suite facilities, air conditioning, TV and broadband.

CEO Michael Stockdale explained,

“We wanted to develop a product which meets the high standards required by our clients to attract and retain the right staff – a home away from home. Our team at KUBE has a great deal of experience in designing, building, deploying and maintaining temporary accommodation so we started from scratch and came up with a solution which provides better single occupancy accommodation with all the luxuries. This is particularly relevant where the project is either remote from local hotels or where the long term nature of the contract makes it more acceptable for the individual and cost effective for the company.”

Kube has been able to develop a unit with a spacious living space. The units can be simply placed on the ground or stacked up to three stories incorporating stairs and walkways.

KUBE, which is based in Kent, will customise the units to the particular needs of clients. They will also provide the facilities to create a village such as canteen, kitchens, gyms, shops, vending facilities and laundry unit all of which come to site fully assembled.

Michael Stockdale continued:

“We are very flexible both in terms of our product and in the finance and management of each site. We offer a turnkey solution including full facilities management or clients can buy them outright or we can arrange rental facilities.”

KUBE’s experience in this area has enabled it to provide not only a well designed living space that provides individuals with a pleasant home but also a sustainable product that is robust with low running costs. Each unit has a high level of passive insulation coupled with individual air source heating and cooling units with very low power and water requirements.

KUBE is currently in discussion with a number of clients for contracts totalling over 4000 rooms.

The units have a 10 year life with a refurbishment cycle so that they can be used repeatedly in different locations.