Langley enjoys life in the fast lane with unique project for Sir Stirling Moss

Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd, the national roofing and waterproofing expert, has undertaken an impressive copper veral roofing project at the Mayfair home of British racing icon Sir Stirling Moss.

The specialist copper veral solution from Langley was selected by Sir Stirling and the project’s contractor, Keith Marzetti of Tower Asphalt Ltd., for its long product life and high resistance to cracking. Sir Stirling knew he could trust the product, as the roof being replaced was a Langley copper veral system installed more than 20 years ago by Keith and his team.

What’s more the original Langley roof had performed so well it was possible to install the new solution using the property’s existing copper veral cladding as part of a planned upgrade of the roof’s photovoltaic panels, aiding the speed and cost-effectiveness of the project.

Sir Stirling Moss commented: “I am currently undergoing a large renovation at my home and want to use products from names that I trust. I opted for a Langley copper veral roof as my previous roof performed well for so long, it seemed an obvious choice to use them again. The project ran extremely smoothly, and the finished roof exceeded my expectations. I’m confident that the roof will last as long as the last one, and wouldn’t hesitate to use Langley again if the need arose.”

Barry Yardley, Regional Manager for Langley, added: “Working with copper veral is always interesting, and especially on bespoke residential projects. It was a delight to work with Sir Stirling and Tower Asphalt team throughout the project and the finished roof looks spectacular.”

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