A large project for furnishing the new Nelson Health Centre utilised all areas of BHC furniture’s expertise

As experts in modernising NHS health facilities, BHC Furniture was able to rise to the challenge and furnish the new Nelson Health Centre, in Merton, meeting its diverse needs and varied different uses.

The initial brief was to merge two local NHS practices in order to bring a wider range of services to the local community and to reduce hospital visits. The Canon Hill Lane Medical Practice and Nelson Practice were to be under one roof, with approx. 1000 employees. Merton CCG was responsible for the procurement and commissioning of the clinical services to be provided within the new Nelson Centre.

“Working with the Senator Group, BHC put a thorough presentation together based on the tender specification which demonstrated expertise, product diversity and a clear understanding of the varied service requirements. We work closely with the head of departments to understand the individual needs of particular working areas to ensure successful practise and solutions for long term, efficient use.” Peter Bright, MD, BHC Furniture

For BHC, working sympathetically with the contemporary style of the building was an important aspect of the brief at the same time as facilitating the diverse needs of the services on offer. Furniture requirements had to fit the visual framework of the architecture and the interior as well as offering a turnkey solution to the project. Requirements had to meet services from outpatient appointments to minor surgery procedures including X-ray, ultrasound and blood tests as well as a range of community mental health services and a pharmacy.

The completed project offers the community a high end healthcare facility, one that meets its growing needs at the same time as being functional and modernised.