Lithos Design on the Golden Mile, a little bit of Italy in the heart of Moscow

Lithos Design has contributed towards the completion of project Golden Mile, an exclusive spa in the heart of Moscow.

The new spa facilities are located on the ground floor and in the basement of the Park Palace, a luxury residential complex in close proximity to the Red Square and span a surface area of 4,500 m2: the former car park has now become home to two private spas, a swimming pool with reserved whirlpool area, a generously proportioned wellness zone, a gym, two children’s areas, a lounge bar & restaurant, hairstylist and medical facilities.

The “Made in Italy” theme runs through the whole project: the general contractor is the Italian company Wellness Today by Happy Sauna, who appointed the specialised in spas Studio D73 to design the interiors.

Architect Andrea Viganò from Studio D73, explained:

“The only request made by the customer was to bring to life a unique setting which would act as spokesperson for Italian taste. The goal of the design work was to create a setting with the finest materials which would convey the excellence of all things Made in Italy abroad.”

One of the companies selected to represent the excellence of all things Made in Italy is Lithos Design and specifically two of its natural stone cladding collections, Lembo and Seta. Lembo clads the whole of the back wall of the swimming pool, where it acts as the background to the large Golden Mile logo, whereas Seta decorates the whirlpool areas. Several factors contributed towards the selection of these two particular Lithos Design models.

Andrea Viganò of Studio D73, explained further:

“Each area of the project underwent in-depth research to identify the elements – from furnishings to flooring, lights and acoustics – most suited to each one, making a clear distinction between the wet area and the dry area.”

The Lembo and Seta models are – for a number of reasons – ideal to create the relaxing atmosphere that is so vital in the areas in which they have been implemented. Not only their soft silhouettes recall the feeling of well-being created by water: stone is also one of the best insulation and sound-absorbent materials and is therefore perfect to achieve excellent levels of indoor sound quality. In addition, natural stone contributes towards the setting’s health and safety since it is non-flammable, does not build up any electrostatic charge and does not encourage the development of bacterial micro-organisms, moulds and mildew.

The Golden Mile project won 3rd prize in the Best Public Space category of the Eurasian Prize 2014 at the Ekaterinburg International Design and Architecture Festival, as well as the Aqua Prestige prize at Aqua Salon, the International Wellness & Spa Exhibition in Moscow, as best public swimming pool.

Golden Mile

Opening to the public: 6th December 2013