London Bridge Station design team delivers first stage to schedule

The design team working on London Bridge Station – HyderWSP JV and architect Grimshaw, working for main contractor Costain – are celebrating the successful delivery of the first stage of the programme today, with two renewed terminus platforms opened.

One of the most complex and ambitious rail station redevelopments in the UK to date, the transformation of London Bridge Station – part of Network Rail’s £6.5bn Thameslink Programme – requires the team to design a safe change from six through and nine terminus platforms to nine through and six terminus, without causing major disruption to passengers.

The success of the ambitious programme, which is running to schedule, is down to a complex staging process. This involves demolishing the old platforms and the arches below and then progressively reconfiguring the tracks to construct the new station in nine stages, each stage of which must come into service before the next stage can commence.

John Parker from WSP explains:

“Effectively, this splits the project into nine separate stations and allows closure of only two platforms at any one time to make room for construction. Today we are seeing the first set of two platforms opening. It is a major milestone for us because it’s on time and we’ve managed to minimise disruption successfully.”

Creating a full multi-discipline 3D BIM model has contributed to managing the stages, ensuring that any conflicts have been identified and designed out before construction of the stage commences.

The JV put their success in delivering a major milestone on time and to specification down to the collaborative BS11000 approach they have implemented – including a co-located team and no ‘man-marking’.

James Dessain of Hyder said:

“Because we needed to keep the station working as we do this work, we are continually adapting to change and all change must be agreed by all parties involved. To this end collaboration has been critical. Making these decisions jointly has been a real difference to how we operate as a team; I believe it really is the way forward.”

Andrew Byrne from Grimshaw added:

“The first stage of construction provides an exciting preview of what is to come at London Bridge. The new station will provide commuters with a more efficient and attractive typology which we are confident will make a hugely positive contribution to this part of city.”