Mabey unveils industry first ‘Live BIM’

Digitally advanced 3D modelling to provide rich insights into real time structural behaviour.

Leading bridge and engineering services specialist Mabey today announces that it is developing the industry’s first ‘Live BIM’, combining 3D modelling with physical and environmental data.

The Live BIM will see 3D models of buildings, rail, roads and bridges connected with real-time sensors, creating digital graphics which will change shape and colour as problems arise in specific areas. With dedicated engineering support, customers will be able to click into sensor readings on the live visualisation of a structure, making it far easier to access and understand information than on spreadsheets and graphs.

Chris Carter, Contracts Director at Mabey, said:

“3D modelling, or BIM, is already a significant part of our business, and we are continuing to innovate with technology to deliver the most advanced monitoring capabilities. Bringing these two elements together will provide a fuller, more comprehensive picture of how structures are behaving, delivering valuable insights into the lifecycle of construction, civil engineering projects and infrastructure.

“Our customers rely on our expert monitoring team for round-the-clock alerts on everything from heritage building reconstructions to new flyovers, but they also want access to data which is presented in a way that’s easy to interpret and interact with themselves – this is critical to helping them make better and faster decisions, improve safety and reduce costs.”

Live BIM will form a part of Mabey’s LIVEsite web portal, which provides real-time data to engineers to give early indication of issues and enable rapid response. It will be available to Mabey customers from early 2017.

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