Marmox Showerlay360 drain enables most versatile floor level shower available

British company specialising in insulation and waterproofing products, Marmox, has added a new drainage solution to its range of Showerlay floor level shower bases, which has been designed to simplify the installation of plumbing in both new-build and refurbishment applications and is compliant with all relevant standards.

Joining the company’s extensive range of products, the new Showerlay360 Drain, as the superscript title suggests, is fully rotatable to enable use in horizontal as well as vertical outlet connections – or any angle in between – for total flexibility.

For even greater ease and adaptability of installation, the compact drain measures just 80mm deep with a 50mm water seal.  It can be utilised with both of Marmox’s Showerlay trays, which are tileable sloping bases for a shower area on either a wooden or concrete sub-floor. Two options are available: a 20mm or 24mm version which is supplied with a traditional square drain or a 40mm thick version which features a stainless steel linear drain.  Both can be used to create level access showering areas, or wet rooms.  The square drain version has a brushed stainless steel grate housed in an integrated frame which can be adjusted to accommodate tiling thicknesses from 5mm to 15mm.

Thanks to the new adjustable Showerlay360 drain, the siting of the drain gully is now infinite, offering endless design opportunities.  Depending on the angle of the outlet pipe, the flow rate is 30 to 50 litres per minute, and thus faster than its predecessor.

Showerlay, when combined with Marmox’s well tried and tested Multiboard, ensures an exceptionally stable decoupling substrate to tile upon. Manufactured from an extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) core, the boards also provide very good thermal insulation and are completely impermeable to water for a totally leak-proof and trouble-free installation.

Marmox (UK) additionally manufactures solutions for pipe boxing, curved walls and showers, as well as bath panel kits.