MHA Lighting partners with leading manufacturer of custodial, detention and healthcare solutions

MHA Lighting is partnering with the UK’s leading manufacturer of custodial, detention and healthcare solutions.

As part of its strategy to continually deliver new innovations, Bolton-based Cell Security Limited has selected MHA Lighting as its preferred LED lighting supplier.

Cell Security Limited is approved in the UK by the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice. With extensive knowledge of the UK standards for custodial products and facilities, Cell Security works within a wealth of custodial and detention environments across the world.

In addition, CSL Healthcare, a subsidiary of Cell Security, offers a range of solutions designed to meet the requirements of the Mental Health Services environment.

All products within this environment must be ‘safe’ for service users, as well as being robust and impact resistant. Furthermore each product needs to have ligature-resisting features, whilst maintaining a non-institutional appearance and providing a therapeutic environment for service users.

With Cell Security’s product range encompassing every component required for the custodial, detention or healthcare environment, including doors, grill gates, windows, furniture, bedding, sanitary ware and alarm systems, MHA Lighting’s unique lighting solution provides the ideal addition to Cell Security’s offering.

To date, MHA Lighting has worked with Cell Security on numerous installations, ensuring each comply with the Home Office Standards for Police Stations, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts, Prisons, HM Armed Forces, Custom and Excise, and any buildings that require a detention facility.

Steve Wagg, Export and Systems Manager at Cell Security, says:

“To install lighting into prisons the light housings need to go through several tests to comply with the Ministry of Justice specifications. Each housing needs to be IP65 rates / IK10+ tested and also ligature resisting.

“As such it’s essential that we work with reputable suppliers that are able to deliver on time, quality products with full traceability of components.

“MHA Lighting has gone the extra mile to ensure their products meet our strict specifications, supplying a bespoke solution for many of our lighting upgrades within custodial, detention and healthcare environments.”

Using smart controls, MHA Lighting has met the task of offering three lux levels for Cell Security’s customers – 500 lux for cell deep clean, 300 lux for everyday use and 15 lux for night time to create a “lights out” environment while providing adequate light for healthcare professionals or officers to carry out checks. Furthermore, MHA Lighting has also ensured that the lux level can be reduced to 10% when the room is not occupied.

Working with MHA Lighting and Cell Security, Robert Hayes, sustainability and facilities manager at Greater Manchester Police, chose LED lights for Manchester’s Longsight custody suite, where 58 cells, corridors and back-office areas had to be refitted during a short shutdown of the Custody Suite within extremely tight timescales.

“LED lighting has not only ensured that each and every cell has the correct light outputs for day and night, it has also reduced the amount of tube changes,” says Hayes. “This cuts the possible instances of in-house maintenance staff or contractors meeting detainees. From a security perspective, the fewer visitors to a custody facility, the better.”

Hayes adds that one further benefit of the new technology has already revealed itself:

“A higher colour temperature means the spaces look cleaner and less dingy. CCTV footage also has more clarity because colour temperature suits colour recognition more clearly.”

MHA Lighting collaborates closely with its partners such as Cell Security, and MHA’s technical team has invested significant time designing solutions that not only fit the enclosures from Cell Security and successfully meet a range of lux requirements, but also retrofit into existing fixtures.

MHA Lighting’s Managing Director Tom Harrison, said:

“We are delighted to partner with Cell Security and become their preferred lighting supplier for custodial, detention and healthcare environments.

“The benefits that our unique, patented technology offers in these environments – its longevity, on top of its maintenance reducing, energy-saving, cost cutting and health & safety attributes – means that we can work with Cell Security to offer their customers solutions perfectly tailored to their requirements.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with Cell Security on further projects in the near future and in developing further award-winning products together.”

Since late 2010 MHA has built a portfolio of Blue Chip commercial clients and public sector organisations for internal and external lighting requirements. These include GlaxoSmithKline, the NHS, Birmingham NEC, Greater Manchester Police, Manchester Airport Group, SPAR, numerous Local Authorities and Chevron-Texaco.

Work on projects such as these has enabled MHA Lighting to establish close relationships with a host of partners, specifiers and contractors across the UK, including electrical services provider DC Emergency Systems.

Keith Hollings, Managing Director, DC Emergency Systems Limited said:

“As a specialist in lighting solutions for more than 25 years we were thoroughly impressed with MHA’s ability to design a lighting solution that not only offered improved light quality and energy savings but provided long term reliability.

“MHA Lighting soon became a trusted partner and after installing their fittings for Manchester Airport Group, they asked us to install 370 Perimeter Lights (P Lites) at Newcastle Airport on their behalf.

“The team at MHA Lighting have the right attitude and real enthusiasm for their lighting technology. They have the ability to be flexible and offer the bespoke solutions that our customers want.”