Monarfloor Tranquilt – a sound choice

As we continue to more fully understand the full effects of low-level neighbour noise on an occupant’s health and well-being.

Architects are increasingly seeking acoustic isolation systems for floating screeds which can significantly reduce impact noise from footfall in mixed-use, apartment, care home and hotel developments. Offering the best impact reduction on the market, Icopal’s Monarfloor Tranquilt is a one-part system that is easier to specify and faster to install – and therefore the ideal solution.

Specified within Robust Details E-FC- 11, Monarfloor Tranquilt reduces impact and flanking sound transmission within pre-cast and in-situ concrete separating party floors in new-build and refurbishment projects, by forming an isolation layer between the sub-floor and finished screed.

Offering superior dynamic stiffness and acoustic isolation, Monarfloor Tranquilt comprises a layer of LRAC foam sealed both sides with a polyethylene membrane. When installed as part of a complete sound reduction system it can achieve a LnTw rating as low as 48dB and enables a concrete floor to surpass the performance requirements of Approved Document E of the Building Regulations.