New green energy heat recovery business set for UK launch

A company specialising in unique renewable energy technology and waste water heat recovery systems that deliver a sustainable energy source to commercial and residential multi-occupancy buildings, is launching in the UK.

SHARC Energy Systems is pioneering the introduction of environmentally-friendly solutions for heating, cooling and hot water by bringing to the UK the market-leading technology developed by one of Canada’s foremost providers of sustainable alternative energy source systems, International Wastewater Systems Heat Exchange Systems Inc.(IWHES), based in Vancouver.

The IWHES system is unique and the first Sewage Heat recovery system to market in Canada, where the company is voted as one of the top 10 companies to watch in 2014.

The SHARC system is ideal for commercial and multi occupancy residential properties and buildings, such as hospitals, schools, student accommodation, leisure centres, retail developments, shopping centres and multi-site and occupancy residential developments, whether as a new build or retrofit installation.

SHARC Energy Systems is the trading name of IWWS (UK) Limited and the company has its official UK launch on the 3rd June 2014 in the East Midlands. Its CEO Russ Burton explains:

“The SHARC Energy waste water technology utilises a unique clog-proof raw sewage filtration system and Heat Exchange technology that conducts the heat from untreated wastewater.

“Natural resources are steadily depleting with more than sixty percent of the world in fuel poverty,” he adds. “It is imperative an alternative to the traditional fuels is embraced as we face ‘Carbon Crunch’ which is set to be one of the biggest challenges of our generation. The SHARC Energy system is a highly realistic alternative energy source that is ideal for both new build projects and retrofits and uses this almost endless source of alternative, renewable energy for a buildings’ heating and hot water needs.”

The SHARC Energy System uses a building’s waste by taking the raw sewage, treating and cleaning it, then using it to create a highly cost-effective alternative heat source. It incorporates the very latest in smart technology and heat recovery engineering to provide a system that is reliable, affordable and almost maintenance-free. Displays include real-time read-outs and the system incorporates software to monitor and predict usage trends and issues.

The system’s heat pumps operate at an average 400 percent efficiency and heat water to an average 21 degrees C at flow rates in the region of 200 gallons per minute. It can be fitted to buildings from 100,000 square foot upwards and will recover and recycle all waste water to provide a constant supply of even temperature water and heating.

Its operational performance is proven across Canada and the USA where it is installed in numerous buildings including the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and The Gateway Theatre in Richmond.

Russ adds:

“Nottingham will be the base for the new company’s UK and European operations. We have plans to create a dedicated manufacturing plant, creating skilled jobs in the region too. The company will be a flagship alternative energy organisation for the region and the UK.

“We know the system will be of interest to property owners and their CSR teams and Facilities Managers, as well as developers, construction companies, house builders, and representatives of environmental and renewable energy companies and organisations, as it will give them a timely, focussed introduction to the proven, yet pioneering technology and system.”

For more information:, email: russell.burton(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign), and follow the company on Twitter @sharcenergy. The launch is at 8am on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 at The Old Chemistry Theatre, Nottingham Trent University – to reserve a place email: marketing(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)