New light on ventilation

New light is being shed on ventilation options for non-domestic buildings.

Gilberts Blackpool, the UK’s leading air movement specialist, has continued its reputation for innovation by now combining a roof light into its rooftop penthouse terminal. The option is available with Gilberts’ standard or bespoke designs, and encompasses glass or polycarbonate glazing to the roof top of the turret. It can be fitted in both new build and refurbishment schemes.

The development means build and operational costs, and potential weak points on the roof, are all reduced, whilst the internal environment below still benefits from natural daylight and natural ventilation- both key requirements for eco-friendly strategies, particularly in schools. Indeed, Gilberts’ new concept has already been fitted at a number of projects including Liverpool University’s Jordan Building, Athlone Institute of Technology and Sandringham School’s sports hall.

“Combining a ventilation terminal with a roof light was something we designed specifically for one client, but appreciate its advantage for the wider market,” observes Gilberts’ Technical Director Roy Jones. “Every building requires natural light and ventilation, and the roof is the most effective location for those ‘openings’. Any penetration through the roof opens it up for potential issues such as air leakage, water and weather ingress. If the number of penetrations can be kept to a minimum, construction, and longer-term maintenance and repair, costs and time are reduced.”

Rooflights are accepted as a most effective means of optimising natural light within a building, allowing up to three times more daylight to penetrate compared to same-sized vertical glazing. Roof turrets are also a very effective means of ventilating a building, as warm air rises naturally due to the buoyancy effect.

Gilberts’ range of roof turrets deliver air intake and/or extract as required, and can be manufactured to individual size requirements, from 300mm x 300mm x 300mm upwards and to bespoke designs (a 10m long special has been produced for one client). Customers have the additional reassurance with a tailored size or shape that Gilberts can fully validate the design before manufacture and installation in its in-house test facility.

As standard, they provide 50 per cent free area, and are weather rated up to Class A. They can be tailored further with a range of internal partitions and dampers to enable full and accurate air control. Engineered from aluminium, the terminals can be powder-coated to any BS/RAL colour.

Family-owned, Gilberts has a 55 year pedigree in developing and manufacturing innovative air movement solutions. It is unique in its sector in its ability to design, engineer and supply its products with all processes undertaken in-house at its

85,000ft2 head office and manufacturing facility in Blackpool.