New roofing underlay from Protect has lowest vapour resistance and highest strength in its class

An innovative new membrane launched this month called Protect VP400 PLUS LR offers the lowest vapour resistance of any Type LR roofing underlay and yet it remains completely airtight.

The new tough and durable membrane which can be used as a temporary roof covering for up to 3 months is also completely watertight and UV and heat resistant.

As the need for well ventilated, sustainable buildings increases, careful consideration of the building’s airtightness is essential. Excessive air leakage results in increased energy consumption and a draughty, cold building. It would be ill advised to allow uncontrolled air movement within a structure, including through an underlay in roofs with no vapour control or air barrier layers.

Jenny Deacon Product Manager for Protect says this product will make a huge difference to builders:

“One of the primary functions of roof underlays is to be able to deflect the wind load pressures safely over a structure whilst remaining water and air tight. Our new product VP400 PLUS LR which has been independently certified has unrestricted use for wind uplift in all exposure conditions in the UK and Ireland. VP400 PLUS LR is the strongest underlay in its weight range and can be used to avoid condensation risk in the roof space in accordance with BS 5250 and NHBC requirements.”

In addition VP400 PLUS LR has been awarded the prestigious BM TRADA Q-Mark certification. Joint Managing Director Neil Rideout said,

“The Q-Mark means that our customers know that our products are fit for their intended purpose and that they can specify them with confidence”.