NHBC Foundation research highlights the importance of ‘future proofing’ new homes

A report has found that homes using smart technology offer better comfort, improved energy efficiency and health benefits.

Commissioned by The National House Building Council (NHBC) Foundation, the report has urged homebuilders to ‘future-proof’ new homes by including additional hard-wiring.


Neil Smith, Head of Research & Innovation at NHBC said:

“The connectivity of homes will become more and more important in relation to people’s health and wellbeing. As our population ages, people will increasingly benefit from technologies that are able to monitor health and activity levels.

“Regardless of how smart technology develops, house builders should aim to provide the basic infrastructure for a good home network. Even simple measures at construction stage such as the installation of a couple of wired network points can reap rewards for residents now and in the future.”

The smart technologies identified in the report included door entry systems controlled by face recognition, real-time health monitoring systems, flooring which tracks homeowners’ activity and can ‘lock the biscuit cupboard’ and camera-powered ovens which notify bakers when their cakes have risen.