nHouse sets new standards for offsite construction

The nHouse modular housing solution was launched last week at MIPIM in Cannes, to positive industry acclaim, with pre fabricated housing high on the agenda as a key way to providing volume housing.

The nHouse, the ‘n’ standing for new, is an innovative offsite-constructed home that has been created by award winning architect Richard Hywel Evans. The house uses ‘Grand Designs’ styling to create a tech packed spacious rival to poorly designed kit houses and space restricted new builds. The nHouse aims to form part of the solution to the UK’s housing problem as it can be provided for just £190,000 and due to its innovative technology, takes only three days to construct on site.

The nHouse is a spacious, affordable and contemporary two storey, three bedroom home with more windows, higher ceilings and extra embedded technology than any of its rivals. The nHouse is being mass produced using the very latest offsite construction techniques. The house is built in four separate completed parts in the nHouse factory. This means the kitchens, bathrooms and even the plasterwork is all finished, in fact even the light bulbs are screwed in, before the house makes its way to site.

The nHouse can be set up as a detached, semi-detached or terraced property and once it has been delivered to its location can, thanks to its unique Quad Click Technology (patent pending), be completed and ready for occupation in just three days.

In addition, the nHouse features a range of environmentally friendly solutions, with internal grey water recycling, internal heat pumps, solar farm underfloor heating, a house battery and less wastage of materials during its construction.

Each home also features generous floor to ceiling heights, a large balcony and open plan living areas to suit modern lifestyles.

The nHouse is designed to be better than any other home in its price category. Richard Hywel Evans explained the inspiration behind the project:

“Often I see these standard houses being produced which are mostly built on a budget with an eye on the bottom line, rather than focussing on the happiness of the end occupier. A home isn’t just a machine for living in, its somewhere that captures your heart and shapes your life, so it needs to be special.

“I designed the nHouse as I wanted to put design first and see if we can build a home that makes people happy and yet still allows the building industry to make a sufficient profit. By utilising the latest technology and materials, we have built a home with space, light and design in mind. The nHouse could help provide more homes by significantly speeding up the building process and providing cost effective homes that people genuinely want to live in.”