Norseal seals are safe and sound for sliding doors

Finding a solution to the problematic challenge of acoustically sealing sliding doors has now been solved with a range of acoustic seals. The door seal specialist Norseal has created a range of solutions including the feature-packed Complete Sealing System which provides all round smoke and draft protection as well as acoustic insulation for the majority of sliding doors.

The acoustic performance of doors is increasingly in the spotlight for specifiers. Regulations to control noise in the workplace state that employers should consider the design and layout of offices, work stations and rest facilities to reduce noise. But more than just meeting minimum regulatory performance levels, studies have shown that well-designed sound environments in offices or schools help to improve concentration and enable better communication. In office environments, privacy is also a key issue driving the acoustic insulation of work spaces. A simple way to reduce the impact of noise within buildings is to install acoustic door seals, which can reduce noise transfer between spaces in a building.

Norseal’s Complete Sealing System for sliding doors by Athmer is the solution for automatically sealing the majority of sliding doors with any kind of hardware configuration and regardless of door and frame construction. It effectively provides smoke and draft protection as well as giving the best possible acoustic performance for your door. Norseal’s Complete Sealing System provides automatic sealing top and bottom, and uninterrupted vertical sealing for most latched or unlatched sliding door applications including pocket doors whether glass or timber. It is an easy access option offering zero-threshold, barrier-free access and minimal opening and closing forces.

Norseal’s sliding door acoustic seal range also includes the Schall-Ex® Slide door seal by Athmer. This self-levelling, unobtrusive sliding door drop seal offers sound reduction performance of up to 55dBRw. Its internal mechanism drops the seal when the sliding door closes to prevent the transfer of unwanted sound, draughts, heat and light and is perfect for sliding door applications in residential properties, office spaces, schools and hospitals on single or double sliding doors. Specifically designed and manufactured by Athmer in Germany, the Schall-Ex® Slide M-12 WS has been engineered to endure in excess of 1 million cycles.

Norseal’s Stadi L-20/20WS Automatic Drop Seal by Athmer is a self-levelling, self-extinguishing, automatic drop seal for acoustically sealing sliding doors. A self-extinguishing single actuation seal, the Norseal Stadi also offers fire protection, smoke protection, and can be fitted on accessible doors.

Part of the European Athmer Group, Norseal is the leading provider of specialist door seal solutions, plus a wide range of ancillary door products. The company has a long track record of innovation, developing products which meet and exceed the latest industry standards for fire and smoke protection, acoustic properties, accessibility and thermal insulation. Products are backed by a qualified and experienced technical team offering advice and guidance on all aspects of intumescent and acoustic seals. As well as its core range of seals, Norseal supply a wide range of supplementary door products including fire-rated glazing, electrical and plumbing solutions, fire rated ventilation, letter plates, door viewers, threshold plates, weather seals, and finger protection products.

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