Oasys looks to slay architects ‘time vampire’ with Mail Manager 6.1

UK based software developer, Oasys, will be demonstrating the latest version of Mail Manager their popular email management tool designed to save architect’s valuable time and resources through a more efficient administration system.

Typically, workers in knowledge based roles, spend at least one whole day a week checking and replying to emails1. Offering a fast return on a remarkably small investment, Mail Manager 6.1 is designed to support collaborative team and project working, by cleverly cataloguing subjects and removing message duplications.

Users are prompted to file emails to shared folders based on smart algorithms. This includes both sent and received items so that members of a wider organisational group can see how conversations with a particular client or individual have developed, providing a real knowledge base for staff.

Alec Milton, Managing Director, Oasys said:

“Email is here to stay for the business community. The sheer volume of emails sent and received means what we need is a better way to manage the information. For many, email is a ‘time vampire’ sucking time from the day which could be used to focus on their core responsibilities.

“Mail Manager 6.1 also has the ability to make email a powerful analytical tool.  Analysing conversation flows as part of ‘Social Mapping’, it can be seen at a glance if lines of communication are being followed correctly. For architects especially, seeing the conversations different members of a project team may have had about specifications or client needs ensures that nothing is missed or lost.”

This allows information to be made available to the wider team even if an employee has left the business rather than shutting off valuable information in a locked inbox.

Mail Manager was initially developed to help global engineering company Arup manage information more efficiently, but attracted so much interest from other industries that it has been developed so that it is easily integrated into any business – proving especially popular within the AEC industry. If you use Outlook, all your staff can be up and running with Mail Manager within hours.

The latest version, Mail Manager 6.1, has a clearer, intuitive user interface. Emails are filed in shared locations at the click of a mouse: and a super-fast search engine enables staff to find and retrieve information in seconds. Setting up folders and access rights to them is easy and intuitive for IT managers; who also benefit from increased security, reliable archiving and easier back up because Mail Manager stores email and its attachments on shared central servers, not in individual inboxes.

Mail Manager 6.1 is available as a free 30-day trail from www.oasys-software.com