One handle multiple openings. The fanlight may never be the same

One handle, multiple openings. This is the latest innovative window system designed by MACO to revolutionise the traditional fanlight systems found in buildings such as schools.

Gone are the days when you would need to go and find a rod to open a fanlight window, use a complex and unsightly drive rod system or stretch and strain to reach the opening handle. This system allows all users to achieve ventilation via a top level tilting sash. Full operation of the remaining system is controlled by keyed locking points meaning security and full opening is still limited by the key holder but the key holder is not required to achieve ventilation.

The one handle on the lower window allows the top sash to be tilted using MACO’s Tilt and Turn hardware, however in contrast to conventional fanlights the fanlight sash can still also be fully opened. Due to this innovative design not only does it maximise air exchange for ventilation when tilted by allowing the warm air under the ceiling to escape. The Multi Sky system also allows the cleaning of the outside glass to be made easier and safer when the windows are fully open. With cleaning in mind the system also has no protruding visible surface mounted parts making the maintenance of this system easy durable.

Of course being MACO this system is not only creative in design and implementation, security is still paramount thanks to the systems multipoint locking system with MACO i.S. security cams and striker plates. The multipoint locking system closes and seals all points on MACO MULTI SKY. This enables better security as well as weather performance, air permeability and acoustic resistance unlike traditional single point fanlight locking systems.

The advantages to this system continue beyond its design and security features too, the system can be applied to timber as well as PVC profiles. No widening of the frame is needed either as no space is required for the surface mounted operating elements making fabrication simpler too, as well as this the system is made of familiar components allowing fabricators and the end user to have an easy understanding of system operation.

The Multi Sky system works particularly well in buildings such as schools and hospitals for example who could utilised the safe and secure ventilation of the top fanlight window. This would allow the ability to be able to offer easy and safe ventilation for all users from the easy to reach window handle. The lower sash remains locked and the top sash tilted unless both are opened by the key holder, only accessible via a lock.

This fanlight system from MACO offers a fresh new way of looking at fanlights and how they may be applied. Keeping in line with existing operations such as tilt & turn the Multi Sky gives the sense of familiarity with a completely new and innovative design which should ease any concerns when adopting such a change in approach.

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