One in five construction workers are foreign-born

New findings from the Home Builders Federation show that one in five construction workers building homes are foreign-born. Steve Mansour, CEO of building insurance specialists, CRL commented:

 “The results of the Home Builders Federation emphasise what we already know; the construction industry depends on a high proportion of international workers. It is imperative that the government acknowledges the current labour shortage in the industry and clarifies the status of EU-born workers as soon as possible.

“Brexit has also left the industry uncertain about wages and costs of materials, which does little to ease the unstable perception help by many. Whilst it is great to see the industry investing heavily in recruitment and training of young people, the aim to build 300,000 homes per year, as laid out in the Government’s recent plans, will become unreachable if we don’t have access to overseas workers.

 “We hope that the future of construction sees skilled workers from the UK and across the world come together to help solve Britain’s housing crisis.”