ÖÖD: A show-stopping pod solution at the Surface & Materials Show

If sheer elegance and sympathy with its surroundings is key to choosing an ancillary building, those in the market for additional space should look no further than ÖÖD. Hailing from Estonia and making its stylish debut at UK Construction Week, ÖÖD can be seen in all its distinctive glory within the Surface & Materials Show zone of the multiplex of nine exhibitions under one roof.

Suited to either residential or commercial environments, ÖÖD can take shape as a graceful garden studio, extra hotel accommodation, a spa treatment room that oozes the zen factor, or a self-contained office space for the die-hard aesthete. Made from sleek timber and privacy glass (which strikingly reflects its environment to the exterior), ÖÖD is a standardised solution with a quick and flexible construction process.

CEO Andreas Tiik says:

“Our vision for an ÖÖD hotel room, or garden room, was to create something that won’t harm its surroundings, but rather melt into it. Looking at the structure from a distance, it is hard to understand where the design ends and its setting starts, due to the mirror-like reflectivity of the glass. The idea was born when my brother and I were looking for great camping and hiking accommodation for the weekend, in order to escape the hustle of city life, and our options were surprisingly limited.”

The brothers decided to create their own solution in the form of ÖÖD – a chic hotel or guest room that can be easily located in the midst of the nature, urban gardens, or anywhere needed. Andreas continues:

“We wanted something that was more than just a spare room… we wanted to create a memorable experience. We are really excited about increasing our exposure to the UK market at UKCW which is the ideal showcase for us. We feel the product is especially suited to this country as the ÖOD design can harmonise with so many different environments, and the ability to expand existing buildings here can be limited. ÖÖD can add refined extra space with a light footprint within cities, wasteland or wilderness. In the age of Airbnb, the solution seems even more timely and appropriate.”

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