Outstanding talks programme at 100% Design exploring The Sensual World

From left: Ilse Crawford, Winy Maas, Lyndon Neri From left: Ilse Crawford, Winy Maas, Lyndon Neri


Talks with 100% Design (23-26 September 2015) returns with an exciting programme focusing on ‘The Sensual World’ and looking at how our lives are enriched with colour and by the senses. In its new home Olympia London, this year’s talks series is curated by Caro Communications’ Content Director Claire Barrett in collaboration with international colour psychology expert Karen Haller. The auditorium is specially designed by textile artist and designer Anne Kyyrö Quinn.

With key speakers including Ilse Crawford, Winy Maas, Yves Behar, Lyndon Neri, Mark Dytham, Afroditi Krassa, Terence Woodgate, Mirkku Kullberg of Vitra, Lisa White of WGSN and James Lohan of Mr & Mrs Smith, Talks with 100% Design 2015 looks at new colour trends and the deeper understanding of colour that goes beyond this – how colour makes us feel and why. Alongside the visual, the talks programme studies the other senses too – how through touch, smell, sound and taste, our lives can be positively influenced by design to create stimulating environments that improve productivity and creativity while supporting us emotionally.

This year, for the first time, 100% Design also features a fully programmed additional stage as part of its talk series. The Forum delivers practical advice to designers, packed with tips and inspiration for individuals and businesses, large and small.


Ilse Crawford leads the opening day of the programme (Wednesday 23 September) with her headline talk on design that engages with the senses, from the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ to being driven by the human, emotional side to design. The next talk of the day will explore the power of scent in architecture and interiors, exploring how smell can sell in this interactive session. Chaired by Christopher Stocks of website The Sniff Box, the panel includes sensory marketing expert Simon Harrop, CEO of Brand Sense, and Sarah McCartney, craft perfumer at microparfumery, 4160 Tuesdays.

From left: Martyn Ware, Jon Ward, Sarah McCartney From left: Martyn Ware, Jon Ward, Sarah McCartney


On Friday 25 September, leading sound experts will gather together to talk about sound in architecture, from those that ‘play’ a building to creating soundscapes that react to spaces and engage with an audience in new ways. The expert panel includes Martyn Ware, founding member of iconic bands Heaven 17 and The Human League, designer Tomas Klassnik, and sound artist Robin the Fog who will create a bespoke sound design for this year’s 100% Design. This talk is chaired by editor of Icon, David Michon.

On the consumer day of the show (Saturday 26 September), a talk entitled ‘Shops are embracing multisensory design, but what does that mean for the customer?’ will investigate the clever tricks that are being played every time you enter a shop. Jon Ward from Acuity Intelligence, an expert on eye tracking, will present an interactive talk with live demonstrations to show key principles. Joining him is Sarah Housley from WGSN who will talk about the rising trend of experiential design.


From left: James Lohan, Fiona Thompson, Custhom From left: James Lohan, Fiona Thompson, Custhom


On Wednesday 23 September, colour historian Jenny Balfour Paul will explore why certain colours have become culturally significant, while Maria Kafel-Bentkowska, senior CMF Designer at global design and brand experience consultancy Priestmangoode, will speak about using colour on international projects and the sensitivities that designers need to consider. This panel discussion is chaired by Keith Recker, senior trends and colour consultant with WGSN and Pantone.

Later that day, architect Mark Dytham of Tokyo-based Klein Dytham will speak about why we are attracted to certain colours, alongside colour psychologist Angela Wright, and neuroscientist Gabriele Jordan. Chairing the talk is Paul Finch of the Architects’ Journal.

To complete the Wednesday line up, Sarah Miller, founding editor-in-chief of Condé Nast Traveller and now CEO of Sarah Miller and Partners, will chair a talk on the psychology of hotel rooms. Focusing on the role of colour, speakers include Fiona Thompson, principal at hospitality designers Richmond International, James Lohan, founder of Mr & Mrs Smith, and colour psychology expert, Angela Wright.

From left: Yves Behar, Sophie Robinson, Karen Haller From left: Yves Behar, Sophie Robinson, Karen Haller


The second day of 100% Design (Thursday 24 September) starts with a talk on the latest colour trends led by WGSN’s senior editor Gemma Riberti, and ends with a fast paced Pecha Kucha session hosted by Mark Dytham, founder of Pecha Kucha. Participating designers, who will present 20 slides in 20 seconds on the topic of colour, include designers Custhom and Patternity, architects SimpsonHaugh and artist and curator Sue Krietzman.

Thursday also sees a dedicated talk – chaired by Peter Murray, director at NLA – on how colour is used in architecture. Joining this provocative debate is Yves Behar, founder of Fuseproject, David Hills, founding director at DSDHA, designer Morag Myerscough and contemporary artist, David Batchelor.

From left: Jozef Youssef, Afroditi Krassa, Charles Spence From left: Jozef Youssef, Afroditi Krassa, Charles Spence


On Friday 25 September, Winy Mass of Dutch architecture practice MRVDV will speak about his approach to colour in his work, including the recent Markthal Rotterdam. This is followed by a talk that examines how important colour is to a logo or a retail space. The panel includes Lorraine Sandy, visual manager at Vivienne Westwood, Karen Haller, leading authority in applied colour psychology, and Fiona Humberstone, an expert in the use of colour when creating identities for brands.

The consumer day on Saturday 26 September offers a variety of colour-themed talks. Karen Haller will explain how colour can become more than just decoration and instead be used to create a home that positively affects your overall wellbeing, while Sophie Robinson, stylist and expert on BBC2’s Great Interior Design Challenge, and Naomi Cleaver, interior designer and TV presenter, will show how to create colour palettes, with tips for mood boards and sourcing inspiration, as well as practical advice.

On the same day, co-founder of Chinese studio Neri and Hu, Lyndon Neri will talk about his work, its relationship to colour and why some of the most interesting design right now is taking place in the East.

Saturday closes with a discussion on how colour in a restaurant influences how our food tastes. Leading experimental psychologist Charles Spence will explore this topic with Afroditi Krassa, designer of Heston Blumenthal’s Heathrow Terminal 2 restaurant, and chef Jozef Youssef, a rising new talent in molecular gastronomy.


From left: Natalie Melton, Lisa White, Rohan Silva From left: Natalie Melton, Lisa White, Rohan Silva


The second day of 100% Design (Thursday 24 September) explores how craft is changing in a digital, 21st Century world. Chaired by Grant Gibson of Crafts magazine, speakers include Natalie Melton from The New Craftsmen, and Daniel Rous of Fabrica who is designing the Half-Three Café in the Kitchens & Bathrooms section.

From left: Mirkku Kullberg, Daniel Rous, Jane Withers From left: Mirkku Kullberg, Daniel Rous, Jane Withers


On Friday 25 September, Vitra’s head of home Mirkku Kullberg, design consultant Jane Withers, founder of Second Home Rohan Silva, and WGSN’s head of lifestyle and interiors Lisa White will discuss the emerging trend for offices becoming more like homes. This talk is chaired by editor of OnOffice, Helen Parton.

The Forum

From left: Terence Woodgate, Pavlo Schtakleff, 2LG From left: Terence Woodgate, Pavlo Schtakleff, 2LG


The first day of The Forum’s programme (Wednesday 23 September) begins with a talk looking at how to start in retail; speakers include founder of lifestyle store Darkroom, Rhonda Drakeford, and CEO of tech start-up Appear Here, Ross Bailey.

The same day also welcomes an introduction to crowdfunding with industrial designer Terence Woodgate and architect Chris Romer from Studio Octopi, and a masterclass on how to make social media work for you with Daniel Nelson from October Communications, interior designers 2LG, and Gemma Smith from online platform Houzz.

The next day of the programme (Thursday 24 September) covers themes including ‘From drawing board to production’ and ‘The perfect pitch: how to get it right’. The former features speakers including Pavlo Schtakleff of Sé, Edward Tadros of ercol, and Perry Saidman of US-based Saidman DesignLaw Group, a pioneer in design law and expert in patents and design protection; while the latter offers a tutorial on how to deliver the perfect pitch with Kirsty Whyte from Heal’s, and Jonathan Kirk from marketing consultancy, Up to the Light.

From left: Carl Turner, Martyn Evans, Kirsty Whyte From left: Carl Turner, Martyn Evans, Kirsty Whyte


On the same day, Neil Hubbard, senior designer at Heatherwick Studio, will join the panel ­– chaired by Charlotte Gorse, Head of Design at The Cass, London Metropolitan University – to discuss how to make the best start in design for graduates.

Thursday ends with Archiboo: The Architect Pitch led by its founder Amanda Baillieu. Returning for a second year, Archiboo runs this masterclass for architects to improve their pitching skills. Seven practices will pitch to an expert panel including Adam Scott from creative agency Freestate, Susan Marling of production company Just Radio and Barry Jessup of developers First Base, with feedback delivered live.

Friday 25 September starts with ‘What PR can do for your business?’ which offers invaluable advice on where to begin from Caro Communications’ Founding Director Carolyn Larkin. This is followed by a talk from Gemma Smith of Houzz providing key tips on how to manage your online reputation and branding advice from strategy consultant James Scroggs, and founder of 1977 Design & Brand Consultancy and co-creator of Clarify, Paul Bailey. Friday ends with ‘What do developers really want to hear?’ where Martyn Evans from Cathedral Group will discuss why architects don’t develop more sites themselves with David West of Studio Egret West, and Carl Turner, architect and self-developer behind Pop Brixton.

For the consumer day (Saturday 26 September), 100% Design has teamed up with website Houzz for a day of talks aimed at the homeowner and professional. Houzz is the world’s leading platform for home renovation and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community. More than 35 million monthly unique users rely on Houzz to find inspiration, collaborate, research and hire professionals, source products, and manage home renovation projects from start to finish.